Mega deal monday 3-way edition

No mega deal monday without a 3 way trade (yea I really got nothing to do at work, the shipment of the necessary cable got delayed).


Here's what I got. Keep in mind I used the trade machine which won't accept Smith's contract yet, checked out the numbers manually and it seems to work even better with Smith in there. (+ the pick and smith)


To the Wolves


* Chris Douglas-Roberts

* Joakim Noah  

* Devin Harris

* Kirk Hinrich    


Outgoing Players: Rashad McCants, Randy Foye, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal, Craig Smith, Picks


Why this works for the Wolves: Devin Harris was really really undervalued at Dallas, check out how they're doing without him .. and that's with Kidd in his place, not really the first the best either.. I'm totally sold on the guy, he's an excellent both ways player.


CDR needs some more time to mature and we give up a about all our SG's in the process. We lose a little at that position. Still, CDR was a sophomore if I remember correctly and we all know we were high on him last year before the draft (no?). Corey's ready for more minutes at SG and don't forget about Carney whom but cheecks are probably the only thing that's warmed up about him. We give up a lot at SG but we weren't going anywhere anyway.


If Corey moves over to SG and since we get Noah, Love can move over to SF a bit. Especially when we get Peko or a center through draft in here.

Noah + Al really looks good to me.


Hinrich is another nice guard who could be a more than excellent 6th man.


Negatives: Free Agency is out the window though we've already established why this is not a problem. We lose all our 3point shooters though I'm not sure it'll matter since Wittman doesn't know how to set them up anyway. If it is a problem you could change either Foye or Mccants with Brewer, I just like Brewer best out of the 3. If we keep Foye or Mccants instead of Brewer it might spread the floor better so you can interchange them if you want.


To the Bulls:


* Vince Carter

* Craig Smith

* One of our earlier picks or package.


Outgoing Players: Joakim Noah, Kirk Hinrich


Why it works: the Bulls are a growing them that seems to need a little star power to get over the hump back to eastern greatness. I'm not sure Carter is the answer but they might take a flier on him since they don't really lose a lot. They aren't going anywhere with Hinrich and also aren't going anywhere with Noah.


Negatives: If they had plans for free agency, Carter's contract botches that. Are they gearing up for 2010?


To the Nets


* Rashad McCants

* Randy Foye   

* Mike Miller     

* Brian Cardinal

* Our earliest pick        


Outgoing Players: Chris Douglas-Roberts, Vince Carter, Devin Harris


Why it works: Foye is from NJ if I'm right? Miller is no Vince Carter but he might be more willing to be the veteran on a rebuilding-on-the-fly team. They get their pick between Foye and Mccants instead of CDR which could also hasten their rebuilding signifanctly. Moreover, they rid themselves of Carter's 4 remaining years and have a much better shot at Lebron+someone else.


Negatives: they might not be willing to part with Devin Harris for the chance to go after Lebron. Foye and Mccants are nowhere near Harris' skill. Might take untill next year for Jersey to submit to the lure of signing Lebron. The early pick might set this straight a bit, not sure if it would be enough. I frist tried for Hinrich to the Nets but his contract is too long. Not sure if some further tinkering might improve the situation for the nets. At this point they might get more for Carter elsewhere.




SOOO, what say you!

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