Trading For Noah: try #2

After I hugely underestimated the underestimating of one Devin Harris, lemmie give it another go. As always, comments are more than welcome, I'm hoping this one looks a little less lopsided.

The link to the trade is here: ESPN Trade Machine link

Add our Utah/Boston pick to Chicago
Add Knicks 2010 first rounder to Chicago

Hope that works for all of you guys because I won't be typing it out here for the sake of order (3-way trades are such a mess). Again my arguments for making the trade from the different standpoints.


The Bulls exchange Hughes in the backcourt for Miller. I'd think that's about even?

Smith for Noah. Just as Noah is a better fit for us, Smith offers more inside scoring.

Giving up Gray (or Simmons if you'd like that better) is the bad part for them. Though if they get the Boston/Utah pick, they should be able to get an equal replacement.

Hinrich for Marbury, on talent I think Marbury can give them what Hinrich does. They'd have to go looking for a replacement for Hinrich but with the cash this opens up they'd have the chance to sign someone a lot better than either. With Hinrich gone it gives them another 10 mil extra in the 2010 sweepstakes. This is the biggest incentive for this trade for the Bulls.

Basicly it's also Hinrich for the Knicks pick next  year. You might argue they'd want a player back for Hinrich instead. I think a first rounder is the best they'll get without taking back a 7-9 ish contract. So they get Free agency money (10mil minus guaranteed rookie) + a new rookie in 2010. If they really wanna free up some money for 2010 wile picking up something on the way, this is their best shot.


Doesn't make us an instant contender off course but it seems a step forward.

In the back court we give up Miller in favor of Hinrich. We all know we've got plenty more people that can play the two: Foye, Mccants, Brewer and ever Carney. Let alone the fact that Hinrich can play some combo-SG as well, I think he'd be good/great with Foye. Hinrich is only 27 which makes him fit  "he'll be a veteran when Big Al is in his prime" role even better than Miller. His contract isn't fantastic, but it isn't bad either, we'd have him locked up for 4 more years + we'd probably still have some cash for whomever would be willing to play for us in 2009/2010. This trade off course fails if suddenly Miller starts shooting again, otherwise, I say on talent we break even but fix both PG and SG logjams which makes me less nervous about selecting Griffin (or Thabeet!) come June.

In the front we lose Smith and gain Noah. Though not a typical Center, Noah can play it and would be a much better complement to Jefferson. He's also young which is always a plus on our team. Might have a positive effect on Brew as well. Gray was very high on my 2nd round draft board back in 2006 (?). He's a very solid back-up center for when we want to go big. You could exchange him for Cedric Simmons if the Bulls don't want to give up Gray, not sure about it.

We give up our two expiring contracts but keep enough for a leftover semi-star who might come over here. I'd rather make this smaller improvements than hoping for Lebron, as long as we can plug one hole with a leftover, I'm ok for 2010.

We give up a pick that could give us some leverage for the draft. Though the positives weigh up to this imo.


They get rid of Marbury.

Lebron 2010 is save.

They get someone they can actually use in that back-court in Larry Hughes, they get him for 2 years. He's definitly got enough to be a back-up.

They have some 4mil more on the books now and 20mil next year. Which is a negative. But if they can trade away Marbury NOW and get a decent player for 2 years in return, they should take it and run. RUUUUUUUN. Especially since they need some back-court help.

They probably don't mind giving up that pick since they're going in the right direction (so it won't be a really really high one probably), especially if it's a 2010 pick because they don't want the guaranteed money on their books as they're going all out spending spree in 2010.

Since they were thinking about buying out Marbury (for probably just a little over Hughes salary) they get Hughes for free in exchange for 2010 first rounder. I think I'd like that.




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