Coaching Carousel: Jeff Van Gundy

Yesterday I put up a Don't Panic posting, with a joke that I'd have to make a running series to prevent Wolves fans from doing a group dive off the IDS Tower.  But after reading the Mega-Deal Mondays, I came up with an idea for the Coaching Carousel to determine the pros and cons of the potential replacements for Wittman.  At this point the reasons for canning Wittman are prima facie to us egghead nerds, obvious to the normal, well-adjusted people, and like, duh to mid-90s valley girls.  So before we get the point where we have to talk ourselves in Jerry Sichting, I thought it might behoove us to look at potential replacements.

My first suggestion is one of the less obvious:  Jeff Van Gundy.  Currently a very good commentator for ESPN, Van Gundy is one of the top coaches available.  Let's go through the Good (why he'll help the Wolves), the Bad (why he won't help the Wolves), and the Ugly (why he won't get the job).

Jeff Van Gundy's BR link:

The Good:

Van Gundy has a 57.5% winning percentage with only one losing season.  He managed to get Latrell Spreewell to behave.  He rocks one of the best horseshow bald spots in the world.  His worst DER (defensive efficiency rating) rank was 6th.  He also uses slowly paced offenses that shoot a lot of threes.  While SnP and I are brothers in the Mayo v. Love debate, I disagree with him on the Wolves pace.  I don't think this team can run very well.  I think it's built for the half-court in/out game and doesn't have the large area quickness for a running game.Van Gundy has always ran a slow paced offense.

The Bad:

He's been out the league for a few now, and seems to be pretty much retired.  Part of his D was personnel, and he would probably snap if he saw how the Wolves get tricked by the pick and pop every. damn. time.  He always seemed like a taskmaster to me, and after Wittman using his harshness to cover his ineptness, I could easily see the Wolves tuning a taskmaster out.

The Ugly

I can't see any way a guy like Van Gundy would want to take on a project like the Wolves.  Additionally, the only way a guy with such a successful and powerful rep could get the job is if Taylor bypassed McHale and did it himself.  In short, if JVG is on the sidelines at the end of this season, McHale won't be in charge at the beginning of the next one.

What say you?

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