Dancing with the Wolves



Bloggers aren't the only ones who have had to stretch a bit to bridge the gap between the end of the season and the lotto/draft.  Timberwolves reporter Mike Trudell is busy continuing his series of Q&A with members of the Wolves Dance Team.  This time around it's almost-casted-in-Real-World Erica

Please don't click on the link just yet. Besides, if you did, you'd first need to prepare yourself to see Mr. Trudell openly flirt with a member of the team's scantily clad dancing lady squad.  Soooooo...in order to provide a small change of pace here at CH, we're going to play a little game: Guess the real Erica quote!!! I'm going to post 5 Q&A selections, 2 of which will be real.  It is your job to pick which ones are from the real Erica and which ones are absolute wolf scat.  Let's begin:

Number 1:

MT: That's a fair point, actually. Plus they poop a lot. I've asked one of your teammates this already, but if you could have any pet, what would it be?

Erica: A dolphin. I like the noise they make.

Number 2:  

MT: So, where do you typically hang out by yourself on the weekends?  And please, be as specific as possible.

Erica: (Laughs) Oh Mike!!!

Number 3:  

MT: What is the most rewarding part of being a Wolves dancer? 

Erica: The dancing.  I also like the games, practice, and any down time we may have in between practice and the games.  But mostly the dancing. 

Number 4:

MT: Let's play word association. I say a word, and you say what pops into your head, OK?
Erica: Uh, OK.

MT: Ferret.
Erica: Gross?

Number 5:

 MT: Do you have a signature dance move?

Erica: Yeah, it's fierce.  It's like I'm a big machine and I can't move real well like a normal person and it's kind of choppy but the choppy parts are right in synch with the music and...

MT: You mean the robot?

Erica: Say, that's a good name for it.

 Answers are below the fold. 

If you guessed 1 and 4, you are correct!!! Congratulations!!! 


PS: Here's a little bit of advice for anyone playing a word association game: there are no wrong answers so there's no need to guess.

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