Flynn's preseason vs. other 1st round PGs

I was interested to see how Flynn performed in the preseason compared to his other first round PG peers. I looked at these stats on a per 35 minute basis: FG%, FTM, 3PTM, Assts, Asst/To, PPG. Not the most comprehensive analysis ever, but hey, it's just the preseason. The guards I measured: Evans, Flynn, Curry, Jennings, Holiday, Lawson, Teague, Maynor, Collison, Beabois, Douglas. Here are the highlights:

- Of the 11 guards measured, Flynn was #2 in FG% (.479), #2 in PPG (19.0), and #1 in FTM (7.3). He is clearly capable of generating his own offense at the NBA level, especially slashing to the hoop.

- Flynn was just average in the other categories I looked at: #6 in assts (5.9), #6 in A/TO (1.71), and #6 in 3PTM (.7).The A/TO doesn't surprise me since he tended to turn it over a lot in college. I am a little surprised that his assists aren't better. I'm sure there are a myriad of reasons for this, from running the triangle to all the bricks thrown up in a few of those games by his teammates.

- No one should be surprised that Ty Lawson had the best preseason stats (using my limited stat set), especially after the monster game last night: He was #1 in FG% (.565), #1 in Pts (21.0), and #1 in A/TO (3.1). The man had a historic season with NC last year and Denver will not skip a beat when Billups is out of the lineup.

- Also not a surprise is that most of these guys are really struggling from the field. 6 out of 11 are shooting below 40%, with Brandon Jennings having the worst FG% (.330).

- In terms of assists Jennings (8.5) and Curry (7.5) were #1 and #2. That at least partially makes up for their shooting woes.

- Evans had a solid pre-season: .441 FG%, 3.3 FTM, .5 3PTM, 5.2 Assts, 1.2 A/TO, 16.7 PPG. Flynn's numbers were better though!

- Curry is really struggling generating his own offense, more than anyone else: .366 FG% , 2.1 FTM, .9 3PTM, and 12.3 PPG.

- Flynn, Jennings, and Evans have played the vast majority of their minutes as starters, so they get extra credit for playing a larger portion of their minutes against the 1st units of opposing teams. That makes Flynn's numbers all the more impressive.

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