Timberwolves-Raptors Game Review

The Timberwolves didn't play very well today, however there were some positives (and some negatives).



  • Al Jefferson looks just as good as he was before his injury. Once again, nobody could stop him.              
  • Damien Wilkins was much better than I expected. Made good decisions, scored a few points, got some rebounds.
  • Ramon Sessions looked solid. He seemed a lot like a point guard. He was a very good facilitator. Ramon took good shots and made them. However, it doesn't seem like he will be a shooting guard.
  • Ryan Gomes was very good. He played solid defense. On the offensive side, he was a positive contributer and it seemed like the Wolves played better when he was playing.


  • Wayne Ellington played pretty well. He made some shots, but he missed some. "Wellington" didn't score all of his shots and only took one three-pointer.
  • Jonny Flynn seemed very good at driving and making the And-1. He made a couple nice jump shots also. However, he had some sloppy passes and didn't make the best decisions on offense. (He could have drove to the basket, decided to pass, etc...)
  • Kevin Love, with 10 points and 12 rebounds- which looks like a pretty good stat line- and it is, played okay, but not great. I don't really know, he just didn't seem very solid today.
  • Jared Reiner, well... better than I thought he was, but not very good.  He scored a pretty good jump shot in his 9:45 minutes, but shouldn't be a very reliable bench player.
  • Brian Cardinal was same as last season, almost exactly. Scored 1 three-pointer; took one three-point shot. Played well on defense, but was called for some blocking fouls. 


  • Corey Brewer, although being the team's highest scorer, missed many jump shots (4-14), and missed one of the best plays I would have ever seen by the Wolves. Sasha Pavlovic made a behind-the-back pass to a running Jonny Flynn, who alley-ooped it to Corey Brewer, but Corey wasn't able to convert on the dunk. In fact, he was barely able to get the ball higher than when he got it in the air.
  • Sasha Pavlovic didn't do much at all. 1/5 shooting and really didn't take many chances. Basically got the ball and passed it. He has some good dribbling moves, if that makes anything better.
  • Ryan Hollins, did the same as Sasha- nothing. No dunks, 1 basket, 5 fouls, etc... Didn't really show his athleticism much. He played okay defense and hustled up and down the floor as his positives.

Non-factors: Jason Hart, Devin Green.

My Projected Starting Line-up (based solely on this game):

  • PG: Ramon Sessions
  • SG: Wayne Ellington
  • SF: Ryan Gomes
  • PF: Kevin Love
  • C: Al Jefferson

Toronto Raptors 

They played very well and looked like a legitimate contender this season, even without Hedo. It seemed like they hit EVERY, SINGLE, SHOT (except for free-throws, I think I helped by howling and stop howling in the middle). Bargnani and Bosh were unstoppable. Even Marcus Banks scored 7 points. DeMar DeRozan doesn't look like a Rookie of the Year, but he seemed like a solid player and a good choice by the Raptors.

Note- Nobody was at the game, and the lower-level tickets were almost free.

Comments, questions, anything else? Please tell me if I missed something.

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