"This is it" and basketball

Not only the best basketball player is called MJ...

Last week I went to see "This is it" at the movies. For those of you who live on Mars: it's the movie with footage from the rehearsel of Michael Jackson's last show, which he never got to perform.

Besides that his "Thriller" was the theme song for our beloved zombies last year, I couldn't help but see parallells throughout the movie with basketball/our T-wolves.

First off, it was apparant the size of the whole thing and the amount of people involved required clearly defined roles and especially hierarchy. SnP already touched on this last year: if you have a hierarchy it's important everyone respects the chain of command.

This is something Kahn has done very nicely I think. He's made a clear organisated structure in which everyone has a clearly defined role in the front office.
On the team, I'm curious as to how this is going to unfold. It's too early to tell but we're clearly lacking some structure.

This is closely nitted with the next thing that struck me. Everyone working on that show absolutely worshipped MJ. I think this was because of two obvious reasons

  1. He is the best
  2. He's never an ass about being the best, asks things gently

As there was a clear cut "the man" it was obvious who made the important decisions. You could even see MJ say what he wanted in a video editing thingy ... what does he know about video clips .. but still, there was no question people were going to do it his way.

Linking this to our puppies, I'm very curious who's gonna be the man on our team. People still think it's going to be Big Al? I don't. First of all, it isn't a 100%  surefire shot that he is the best, K.Love plays more balanced two-way and I think Flynn could be special (not talking about Rubio, that's the number 1 reason why him not being here is scary .. we can't work on his rank in the pecking order).

Second, when MJ wanted something his way, he would always say it in a gentle, soft way "it's all with the LOVE, L-O-V-E". I think it's been noticed before that Jefferson isn't the best in communicating his frustrations to his teammates ... yelling things when he didn't get the ball. If you don't learn to keep your cool and say things in a good way you'll never get the respect of guys below you in the pecking order, no matter how good you are.

I'm not saying you can't say it the way it is .. but by being in a passive stance when saying it instead of a aggressive one .. results are so much easier to get.

So ... who's gonna be the one, el numero uno, the man. Flynn? Kevin? Rubio? ... Free agent?

The last parallel was off course the passion that Michael has for his music. These people are doing the same thing 24/7 and still never seem to get bored of it. We can only hope our players share the same passion.

What say you?

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