Trade Machine nonsense

In lieu of trying to find good in blowout after blowout, I thought I might put together a reasonable trade for the Timberwolves to even things out.  Below is a Sacramento/Memphis/Minnesota trade.

Sacramento gets:

Corey Brewer

Steven Hunter

The Memphis' second round pick owed to the Timberwolves

Memphis gets:

Al Jefferson

Utah's first round pick owed to the Timberwolves

Sacramento's second round pick

Minnesota gets:

Marc Gasol

Rudy Gay

Kevin Martin


Memphis takes on a few more dollars this year, but gets rid of their backcourt controversey, and doesn't trades a young big man on a short contract for a comprable young big man on a longer contract, one that they can build around.  It basically takes them out of the FA market for next year, but it's not like they were going to use that cap space anyway.

Sacramento saves $3.1 million this year, and $6.7 million next year.  It drops them down to $34.6 million in salary for 2010-2011.  If you approximate the cap holds for the first rounder at $1.9 million (the #10) then the Kings would have $36.5 million in cap space used, and the Kings would have $18.5 million for free agents, assuming a $55 million cap.  Additionally, they also get to avoid a burgeoning controversy at shooting guard.

Minnesota spend an additional $1.2 million this year.  They get a center in Gasol, a shooting guard in Martin, and a small forward in Gay.  But for the 2010 offseason, they drop their actual salaries from $35.1 million to $32.1 million.  However, the cap holds become tricky.  Assuming the Wolves would get the #4 pick and the #13 pick they would then have $7.2 million in draft holds, plus an additional $9.8 for Rudy Gay ($17.0 million total).  If you add that to the $32.1 million, then the Wolves would have $49.1 million in used cap space, or $5.9 in salary cap room.  However, the Wolves could also do something like renounce Ryan Gomes and Nathan Jawai's rights, freeing them up to $11.2 million in cap room.

So what do you think?  Does this put the Wolves on the right track, or does doom them to a half-decade of .500 ball?  Would it be worth it just to set this season right?  And could Sacramento be convinced of the benefits of having a massive hoard of cap space?

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