Anthony Randolph would welcome a trade.

Reports that the Golden State Warriors are willing to trade second-year forward Anthony Randolph don't bother him at all, according to his agent.

"If Golden State wants to trade Anthony, we're not opposed to that," his agent, Bill Duffy, said. "He hasn't asked for or demanded a trade, but if the Warriors feel it would be beneficial to them to trade him, we wouldn't be opposed to that at all."


In fact, others close to the 20-year-old Randolph say he would be pleased to get a fresh start elsewhere. He's averaging 11.3 points, 6.5 rebounds and a team-high 1.2 blocks while playing 22 minutes a game.

Despite his tremendous talent, concerns about Randolph's work ethic and lack of focus have led the Warriors to consider trading him, according to various reports. When reached by telephone, Larry Riley, Golden State's general manager, would not comment on the reports.

"I don't comment on trade rumors," Riley said.

Sources within the Warriors organization and around the league say the 6-foot-10 forward is available, but they said he is not being shopped.

"They're not trying to unload the guy," one Western Conference executive said. "But they are disappointed in him, so now they're willing to listen to other teams. Whereas before the season, their thinking was that he was untouchable and they wouldn't even listen."

Executives mentioned New York and Houston as clubs that have interest in Randolph, but he will not be easy to move because of the great disparity between his small salary ($1.8 million) and his perceived upside. The most likely trade scenario would include Randolph as part of a larger deal that featured a more accomplished player.

"I don't know that Randolph's stock has dropped around the league," the executive said. "He's a great talent; he just hasn't done much yet. So he's more of a sweetener that could get another deal done if you threw him in."

While the Warriors have complained about a perceived lack of maturity on Randolph's part, he has been upset with the sporadic way in which Coach Don Nelson has used him -- varying his minutes and even his position at times. In the five games this season in which he's played 30 or more minutes, Randolph has averaged 18.4 points and 10 rebounds. The Warriors won three of those games, including victories over Portland and Dallas.

Randolph's representatives met with Warriors management last month to discuss his concerns, telling them that if his playing time didn't become steadier he would like for them to look into moving him. Duffy said he hasn't spoken with Riley about Randolph's situation since reports surfaced of the team's willingness to trade him.

"Whatever the Warriors decide to do, Anthony's going to continue to work hard and develop as a player," Duffy said.

 The kid scares me with the ongoing discussion of poor work ethic and attitiude concerns.  I don't know how you could give up a lot to get a guy with so much risk.

For those that favor trading Jefferson though, a prospect like Randolph might be the only way to make a deal where we don't trade quality for quantity. If I felt more confident in Randolph's mental make up, a deal based on Al for Randolph and Biedrins could be a fair trade. GS would get a proven player, a low post scorer with a good complement already on their roster in B. Wright. We downgrade on talent presently (Al > Biedrins/Randolph at the moment), with the upside of Randolph offset by the risk that he never "gets it."

If it works out, we've got a very complementary trio of bigs with Love, Biedrins and Randolph.  The thought of Rubio leading a break off a KLove outlet pass with John Wall, Rudy Gay, and Anthony Randolph playing 2-4 is scary in terms of freakish athletcism flanked by BBIQ/skill.

Still, as much as Randolph tantalizes, he's got headcase written on his wall. All the talent in the world means nothing without the work ethic and drive.

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