Scoop on N. Pekovic and Potential Implications

Just wondering if anyone with more Euroball knowledge has any updated info on N. Pekovic?

Plenty of recent discussion on Al Jeffeson's worth here today going as far as near dumping of him for financial reasons.  I am not opposed to dealing Al in the right trade, but I generally prefer quality over quantity in these kind of things and trading a rare proven low post scorer on a deal on par with his worth strikes me as selling low.

How does this relate to Pekovic?  Well, if he's open to coming to the NBA next year and his game is as good as we're led to believe by statistical wonks and scouts, trading Al is a whole lot more palatable.  Pekovic has an Al Jefferson lite game all around with strong low post scoring and decent rebounding, but wraps his in a near 7 ft. package.

Consider this:  Jefferson to the Bulls for Deng and Noah.  The deal could be modifiied to include Gomes if Chicago was interested in trying to replace some of Deng's production.  If they didn't want Gomes, I'd try to trade him for an expiring and a heavily protected first as their won't be many minutes left for him with Deng and a draft pick etc. 

Chicago consolidates talent to pair Rose with a great low post threat.  They shave $1 million off their cap next year in their pursuit of Wade.  Rose, Wade and Al would be fun to watch and if they could find a way to keep Ty Thomas's athletic defense around to complement Al they'd be in buisiness.

The Wolves balance the roster with a better complementary player to Love with Noah.  Noah is a near perfect complement to Love save that neither is a great low post threat...enter Pekovic?  Deng is good, but not great, and certainly not quite worthy of his hefty contract. 


Signing Pekovic at MLE type money would form a very solid trio of bigs.  Of course this all hinges on Pekovic's availablity and willingness to come.

For completeness...

Draft board of:  Wall, Turner, Henry, Johnson, Favors, Aldrich in no particular order - shooting for Turner if we're not #1.

Charlotte pick is pushed off.  Utah pick -I'd love for P. Patterson to drop when teams are scared off by his not ideal PF size.

Sign K. Azuibuike.  He may not opt out of his player option given the injury, but he's a solid all-around player with a good shooting stroke which we'd need.  If we could get him affordably he'd be a great fit.


Flynn, Sessions

Turner, Azuibuike

Deng, Brewer

Love, Patterson

Noah, Pekovic


Rubio (player or trade) waiting in the wings.


 Any thoughts on Pekovic?

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