Randolph and our future lineup?

So I am on record as saying I would gladly give up Al Jefferson and the Utah pick for A.Randolph and Maggette and their pick, top-3 protected for two years. I could probably even be convinced to give up the Bobcat in exchange instead of the Utah or not exchange at all. The only issue that really concerns me, and why I would most likely demand a pick exchange, is that Randolph's agent (not Randolph) is asking for way too much money for what production we have seen so far. But there is no way a team will pay that kind of money for potential. It just doesn't happen. Al Jefferson is making that kind of money and he proved a lot before he got that. And even he is a little overpaid. I think with the new CBA and once his piers start getting their extensions/signings, he and his agent will realize that he is worth maybe half of that. I would gladly give Randolph however many years he wants at 7-8M per. But even that seems a little high for what he has(n't) shown. Either way, we get him for 2 years before this really becomes an issue.

So Maggette is overpaid, so is Jefferson. We lose a lot of scoring in Jefferson, we gain a lot (and more efficient) in Maggette. Maggette has been a good character guy this year, so those questions seem to be wiped out (even on his current team he hasn't had issues, that speaks volumes). The deal comes out with us saving a little over a million this year, so it's possible that we could even exchange expirings if GS was worried about that. I'd say another 1-2M this year is worth the exchange of picks and Randolph for at least 2 years of a test drive.

Anyways, I know I have said this a few times, but I just want to see what an overall comparison is of my ideas and other ideas/tweaks that hopefully Kahn will see and do to make some of the most dedicated fans happy! A few FAs that have been mentioned around here that could probably be had for slightly more than fair value (but still reasonable because defense is underrated on the paycheck!) to get them away from their current teams and to MN: Ronnie Brewer first and foremost, Josh Childress if he doesn't come here, Azubuike is neither of these guys work out but I would really rather not (I think the GS system makes him seem more valuable than he is), and Brendan Haywood. They all seem like attainable guys and I like what each of them brings to our team. I know biggity2bit has made a few cases for Haywood and I completely agree that, even for MLE, he is probably a positive contributor to our current big rotation. And then we could get rid of Ryan "Upside" Hollins.


My new ideal roster for next year would be something like this (draft picks are extremely subject to change):



Brewer/W.Johnson (or E.Turner)/Brewer




I think our roster is balance extremely well between defense and offense, if we want we could have extreme length on the court with something like Rubio, Brewer (either one), Randolph/Johnson, Love, Haywood. We could throw out shooters with Ellington, Henry, Johnson and Love. We could play small/fast with Flynn, Henry, Brewer, Johnson, Randolph. We even have a very nice defensive lineup of Rubio, Brewer, Brewer, Love, Haywood (substitute E.Turner for W.Johnson and we are still as good at everything except shooting and better at defense). We even have a ton of passers on the court that would make the triangle work pretty well. Just my idea. I don't think we are contending with this lineup for another 3 years, but I think we would be making some *drastic* improvements in just one year without going too far out of the realm of realism or paying too much cash. Glen would most likely spend to match Love and Randolph in a couple years and Henry, Pekovic, and Rubio (or Flynn) a couple years later. Our current Brewer shouldn't command too much and Haywood and R.Brewer would probably be 12M between the two of them. Obviously if they don't pan out, he doesn't match, but then we are only committed to rookie scale salary for most of these guys who aren't proven. What do you think? Is any of this too crazy to be true? We don't get GS's first rounder and have to deal without Henry/Johnson/Turner and then it all falls apart? Or do we go on to annually compete for it all in a few years?

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