Clearing NY cap space

After having watched the first half of NC vs Duke and only realising after about 10 minutes of playing time that Ty Lawson wasn't the guy wearing the nr 22 (not a good sign for him) I read this article on the four letter network that got my trade juices flowing.

The most important parts of the article in case you don't wanna read it (though I would suggest you do):

The Knicks had been expecting the salary cap to grow to more than $60 million by the summer of 2010, but Stern's pessimistic forecast means it should stay somewhere south of $60 million.

So, if we add up Curry, Jeffries, Gallinari, Chandler, the 2009 pick (at a rough guestimate of $2 million) and seven phantoms to reach the 12-spot mandate, the Knicks will be at roughly $29 million.

Let's say the Knicks were to retain Lee at $11 million and Robinson at $6 million for 2010-11. Their committed payroll, including Curry, Jeffries, Chandler, Gallinari, the 2009 first-round pick and five phantoms, would be $46 to $49 million.

That doesn't leave them enough money to make a max offer to even one premiere free agent when the Summer of LeBron comes along.

The solution is to get rid of Curry and Jeffries

And that's where we come in. Because we're the ones with some tradeable assets and might be willing to take something bad for a young talented player.

As always we don't deal in simple two team trades so I just HAD to incorporate a 3rd team. As you can see on this link to the trade machine this deal actually includes the Miler for Sczerbiack swap we've been coveting. Only to send Wally World straight back outta here to New York.

Why everyone does this:


Starting SF problem: fixed. I was really a big fan of Gallinari and I think he'd fit in very nicely. Point Forward with ability to get free throws and some range if I remember correctly. He's still very young and so comes in cheap. Haven't really seen him play a lot (he had injuries I think?) and the adjustment for Euro players is probably always a bit harder and always takes them a bit longer (see Nowitzki, Dirk) but he's got the physcials (he's long for a SF) and the talent so I'd love to share SF between Brewer and Gallinari.

We do have to take on some VERY bad contracts. Curry is ok. Once he gets his game back on track I'd have no problem with him getting some 20ish minutes to relieve Love a bit right now and help out next year. So Miller straight up for Curry I think is not really a very bad swap at this point.
Jeffries' contract is just bad, way bad. But I'd still do it if it could net me Gallinari without giving up any young talent of our own.


They might need a little sweetner pick for this but I don't see why they don't do it if they can get a pick out of it? Maybe the (protected) NY pick so NY can clear that amount of their books before it ever gets on it. I'm reluctant to parting with one of our picks because we're already taking on such bad contracts.

New York:

If you read the article you know why they like this. It gives them a chance to keep Lee, Robinson, Chandler and still maybe sign 2 max deals. Yes they have to give up Gallinary but they aint keeping all four of those guys anyway. It's actually so good for them I'd try to make them give up a future first rounder somewhere around where they will have both Bosh and Lebron. If they pull it off, no biggie, if they don't, lovely.


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