Current Wolves Off-Season TO DO List

With all the talk about the draft and possible coaches, front office, etc., I thought I'd throw this out there - what do some key members of the t-wolves need to get done during the off season?  Here is my assessment.

1. Foye -

a. I would love to see him get in the weight room.  Not to gain weight, but to increase his muscle definition and lose fat, and maybe even lose a pound or two.  I think he should aim to get his body similar to Ben Gordon (and play like him too!!).  This will improve his quickness and maybe increase his shooting percentage from having more energy at the end of games.

b. Shoot shoot shoot.  I think we all agree that RF is strictly a SG, and not a PG and should never attempt to play PG at any point in time.  Work on the jumper.  Over and over.  If he can't be more of a consistent scorer than he isn't of much use to the team.

2. Love -

a. Again I'll start with the weight room.  K-Love has lost some of his body fat this year over the long season.  It's time to continue that process AND build some muscle mass. 

b. 15-20 foot jumpers.  Practice 'em.  One after the other.  Watch Bill Laimbeer tapes!

3. Brewer -

a. A broken record - hit the weights.  Gain weight.  Low reps high weight.  Kid needs some muscle mass.  He's getting old enough now in age where this should be possible.

b. Handles - His workout routine should start and end with ball handling drills.  I think he was getting a little better but it still needs improvement.

c. Again, shoot shoot shoot.  Jumpers, pull up jumpers.  All distances and angles.  Till his wrists hurt...

4. Big Al -

a. Defense.  He needs to improve.  This is not an easy area to improve on in the off season, but once he is healthy enough, I think he should really focus on quickness and explosion workouts.  Plyometrics.  A specialized workout to increase lateral quickess and explosion off the floor for blocking shots.  I also hope we get an assistant coach who is a big man defensive guru.  Someone to teach him all the ropes to defend NBA bigs with confidence.

b. Get healthy and stay in shape!  I hate to see him come back proclaiming his knee 100% but he's 20 pounds overweight.

5. Bassy -

a. Jumpers till you bleed.  It's gotten a tiny bit better but still needs work of course.

b. Drills to improve finishing at the basket in traffic.  Can't think of any, but I'm sure they exist.

6. Other players - There's really not much Miller can do to improve himself, he's maxed out his potential at this point in his career.  Maybe a shrink to convince him that he needs to shoot 2X as much or he loses a paycheck.  Same with Gomes.  I think he has improved slowly but steadily.  I don't think he'll get much better.  He's kind of reached his ceiling.  Everyone else on the roster really doesn't play a big part in the future so I won't waste any time on them. 

Your thoughts?  Did I miss anything?

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