2nd round central

[psycho paranoia rant]Why is there no news yet! Why don't we know who the new GM is gonna be; Are they playing with us? Are they backing out? You trying to steal my precious gm? Precious .. precious .. It's gonna be Lindsey right .. RIGHT[/rant]

Ok, so we're all waiting for the announcement of the new GM. Until then I'd like to touch on a subject that has been labeled as Euro Stashing (by me, proudly). Those 2 2nd rounders. We have to keep busy people!

The reason the subject hasn't been touched I imagine is because we at Hoopus I've seen most try to avoid talking about what they don't know much about. Since none of us have really watched any Euro games (right?) we have to rely on what DX and others have to say.

Everyone is half expecting them to be traded but in case that doesn't happen we need to get some players that won't contribute right now but might down the road. The most obvious kind is Euro players .. but maybe there's some US players too? Let's see what we got.


It's harder to predict the second round than it is the first. It frequently happens that players get picked who weren't even on the DX mock (Mavrokefalidis, Craig Smith, Chris Richard, ...) and that the ones that were projected to go in the early 2nd round don't get picked at all.

That said, I'd still like to know who you guys like at 45 and 47. Again, doesn't all have to be Euro stashing but ability to contribute now has very little value on our already full team (with already 3 first rounders to add).

My short list:

Nando De Colo

Already mentioned by SnP earlier. A french PG/SG.
A slightly undersized SG (or combo) who's main forté is scoring. Also has sufficient ball handling and court vision to at least assume co-pg duties.

His biggest negative, according to DX, is his defense.

Tyler Smith

Somebody already mentioned him (claim thy daps) and he was also on the short list of last year.

I still believe we have no use for a 2nd string SF. We've already got more than enough of those (Gomes, Miller, Carney) and I don't think I'd pick Smith over any of these three.

Nevertheless a prototypical jack-of-all trades wing is still something we all like.

Sergio Llull

A pick and roll passing PG. Need I say more? ... Hope not, because I don't know more anyway... Would be very excited with him in the 2nd.

Patrick Mills

He's already been mentioned for the #28 pick. Here. As I mentioned, the 2nd round is very unpredictable, you never know who might slide.

Omri Casspi

Likely won't last. Player who's still young and seems to have nice upward potential. Could be nice to have once the SF-battle settles (once Miller is traded, once we know if Brewer and Foye come through and how it all fits (i.e. if Foye goes, does Brew go fulltime SG? etc).

Dark Horses:

Milan Macvan
Henk Norel
Josh Heytvelt
Slava Kravtsov

You'll probably see I left out Taj Gibson. Don't like him but I'm sure some of you disagree.

So, who else did I forget and who do you like or dislike

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