The Foye-th Dimension

I was reading the comments to building a winner and the debate surrounding the value of Randy Foye began raging.  One commenter inspired me when he tried to explain his reservations in one word - but couldn't place it.  I think the word he was looking for was "one-dimensional"

This one-dimensional problem is persistent throughout the roster.  In my estimation there are 4 dimensions that matter, and a fifth that could mitigate the other four.

The 4 that matter - Scoring, Rebounding, Facilitating, and Defense.  I'm defining Facilitating as ball handling, assists, and creating offensive opportunities for others.

The 5th dimension is intangibles such as character, durability, leadership  - basically all things that Mark Madsen and I have in common (including our zero minutes of playing time).  These things don't make a player, but they can certainly damage (or enhance) his ability to employ the other 4 characteristics on the floor. 

Regarding the 4 dimensions of talent, most NBA starters tend to have at least 2 areas of competence.  Lets look at the 11 Wolves under contract for next year and their competence(s):


Al Jefferson - Scoring and Rebounding

Kevin Love - Rebounding and evolving scorer

Randy Foye - Scoring

Mike Miller - Scoring

Ryan Gomes - Strange balance of no weakness or strength - defines mediocre

Corey Brewer - Defense

Sebastion Telfair - Facilitator

Brian Cardinal - none

Craig Smith - none

Bobby Brown - none

Mark Madsen - none


I submit that with only one strength (or having no real weakness or strength) -  you are a backup role player.  I'm going to do some looking through the NBA to verify this, but I have the following theories I want to test.

1 - Perennial All-Stars excel at 3 or more dimensions

2 - Al Jefferson is over-valued as a 'star' since he only brings two dimensions

3 - 2 dimension starters are common and fairly easy to obtain or replace

4 - 1 dimension starters rarely appear on Playoff rosters

5 - For fun, are Lebron James, Magic and Bird the only 5-dimensional players in the game?

If these are true, the Wolves should do everything they can to trade AlJeff's percieved value for real value, and have no qualms dealing any other player (besides Brewer and Love, no one else is likely to develop another dimension) - including Randy Foye - for draft picks or other players with potential to generate 2 dimensional competence.


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