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First, I'm not gonna pretend I'm a T'Wolve's crusader.

First, I'm not gonna pretend I'm a T'Wolve's crusader. I decided to post here without malice to say first good luck with the season and rebuild( you guys just picked up some good pieces despite everything)and two, You guys should petition to have Kahn institutionalized.

 You guys love your team and I love mine. I am not here to disparage, nor could I even if I wanted to. I root for a team who has not delivered in sometime...the Knicks. There are probably guys here who can't stand my team, which is fair cuz at times I can't stand em myself.

And now I'm reading about your team in blogs, newspaper etc etc, because of this Rubio thing and the Knicks being interested in him.


I can understand at this point why the knicks have interest in rubio because I can't stand Duhon's game. But nothing about this makes sense and I'd like to here some feedback from you guys.

Why would da Wolve's even entertain a trade with the Knicks for Rubio if we did not have the assets to switch spots with you guys in the draft to get him??? What changed???

I wouldn't mind landing Rubio in a decent trade but it doesn't seem we're willing to part with anything you guys would even value.

I heard Wilson Chandler's name floating but he is one of the few bright spots on our team and I don't see us giving him up for a prospect who isn't ready even if that player is Rubio.

And speaking of really looks as if he does not want to be in Minnesota; at least from the outside looking in.

This begs the question ....WTF was Kahn thinking?

I'm not a GM or anything but if I am an employer and I'm recruiting young talent, not only am I looking at skill, but also someone....well, you know...someone who wants to work with the organization.

I actually think Rubio may have not made this into a "thing" had Kahn not drafted Flynn (which was an excellent pick up by the way)  right after him. Flynn isn't big eough to play the two and at the moment Rubio can't shoot a lick...and neither are consistent defensive stoppers so how does that back court combo work?

If I'm Rubio I'm thinking not only do I have to compete for the job but now he has to question if they really believe in him.

I can see why Kahn would want insurance for  a high risk/high upside pick like Rubio. So he goes and gets Flynn. Cool. He also picks Lawson and Ellington. Lawson was traded  and Ellington is more of a two guard. Okay. But if you only got Flynn for insurance and you plan to keep Rubio like you say, how do you explain Calathes( who also is not playing this year due to a contract in Greece)?

Is he insurance for the insurance?

Why select 3 players at the same position, two of which aren't playing for another two years and between those two one is looking like he doesn't want to play for the team at all?

Even better Kahn could have  moved down from the 6th pick ( The Bobcats LOVED Curry) maybe even picked up an extra pick outta it and grab you guys help and depth at a number of other positions while still getting "Rubio Insurance"

Henderson who is a natural two was sitting right there at 12 had they moved down with the Cats as well as a number of small forwards including DeRozan.

Both our teams got great talent in this draft...are any of the talented players either of us drafted right for our teams...I dunno, but it's a shame instead of celebrating our new arrivals we are now caught up in this Rubio circus.

PS: If Kahn does cave and trade Rubio for nothing you guys had better riot  management hyping up the new season with ads prominently displaying Rubio.
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