Some Non-Rubio matters to think about

We have been tying ourselves in knots over the last 72 hours over Rubio.  While the are many factors to play out over the coming weeks and months, the Wolves Front Office have to be in the business of putting together a roster for the 09/10 season.

Let's work on the assumption that Rubio is not here for this season.  How do we stack up?


PG: Flynn/Telfair/Brown

SG: Brewer/Ellington/?Gomes

SF: Gomes/Brewer

PF: Love/Jefferson/Smith/Cardinal/Songaila

C: Jefferson/Thomas/Madsen/Pecherov

14 guys under contract when Flynn and Ellington sign their scale deals. 

Hmm, what we lack in quality bigs, we make up for in quantity.  But there is a hole at 2 and 3 that could politely be described as cavernous.  This will leave the door open for Rodney Carney to fill the 15th spot on the roster and for mine he deserves a short modest deal a la Telfair and Smith.

In refering back to SnP's trade summary from May, a couple of ideal trade candidates were identified.

Gerald Wallace: had 16ppg, 7 reb and 2.5 assists last season.  The Bobcats have some ownership issues at present but most importantly from out point of view have cap issues with slightly over $50 million committed into 2010/11 on eight contracts (plus Gerald Henderson's scale deal to be added).  

Wallace turns 27 in a couple of weeks and is up for 9.07m this season 9.86m in 2010/11 and 10.65 in 2011/12 with a player option for 11.4m in 2012/13 at age 30.

Leverage wise, we just acquired a future first from Charlotte via Denver in the Ty Lawson trade, so a trade could look like.

Wallace for the return of Charlotte's future 1st, Madsen or Smith and Cardinal.

Tayshaun Prince: has not missed a regular season game in about 7 seasons and while he isn't a prolific scorer, he provides length and experience on a young squad.  He has two seasons remaining at Detroit (10.3m this season and 11.1m in 2010/11), so he can act as a hand over to an up and coming player in two year time.

The Pistons have shed a tonne of salary with the free agency of Allen Iverson, so leverage here may be to satisfy a positional need.  If Rodney Stuckey is given the keys to the team but runs into Mum's letterbox, Detroit may turn it's lonely eyes to Jonny Flynn next offseason.  This season, Flynn is our security blanket so unlikely to move unless we need to please Ricky.

Flynn and Thomas for Prince  (if done this season)

Andrei Kirilenko: is a pricey option.  Due 16.4m this season and 17.8m in 2010/11.

Is this an efficient use of resources for a guy who may only spend two (expensive) seasons in Minnesota?  I'll admit to not knowing much about this guy other than he is, ahem, difficult.  We have Utah's 2010 pick providing the Jazz don't sink to the lottery, whether that gets it done is open for debate.  Fesenko would add to the Russian flavour of the Wolvskis, but is an expiring deal worth 870k.

Return of Utah's 2010 1st round pick, Thomas, Cardinal and Smith for Kirilenko and  Fesenko


A number of other names are worth discussing:

Corey Maggette (although I'm told being a Dukie is problematic),

would Portland part with Martell Webster?

will Francisco Garcia fall back in Sacto's depth chart?

Do we make a play for Rudy Gay (if only coz it rhymes)?

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