Translated Letter from Madsen to Rubio

Here is a translated letter from Mark Madsen to Ricky Rubio.  The original letter was in Spanish, but was translated below the fold from babel fish.

(Ed Note: I bumped this up because it's an interesting letter.  Madsen spent his Mormon mission in Spain and he writes a nice letter to Rubio.  Also, while you're over at his site, check out the post where he says some interesting things about the possibilities of being traded and the up-tempo future of the Wolves.)




Greetings from Minneapolis Minnesota. I am called Mark Madsen and I have been six years playing for the Timberwolves. Perhaps I have left perhaps a year or two years but like professional player since I have 33 years of age already. But I can say a thing to you: when David Kahn selected to you in fifth position in draft, there was very many people here who put themselves animated by the possibility of your arrival to Minnesota very. Your future companions of this team also we are animated so that play here.

During the past few years I have served like representative as my team's union as the players (NBPA). So I understand some very well of the pertinent considerations and the contract clauses. I would simply like to communicate alungunos points that I hope that she helps you to decide to come this year to Minnesota to play.

First: You can arrive here and immediately to have a great impact in transforming this team of a less effective team to a special team. Personally, many years ago and when I was in the institute, I played against Jason Kidd. Throughout carerra of Kidd, it is gandao through his disinterested style much and the way in which he passes the ball much to cause that their companions get to be better. I know that you are the played type of that quire to win and wants to help your companions to that they are the successful. As you already know, that characteristic is little common in the NBA, but you have your it than I have seen of you. Vente to Minnesota.

Secondly: The fans of Minnesota want that you come! This team is not the Team of Minneapolis nor of St. Paul. This team is of the whole state of Minnesota. I played much here during year 2004 in playoffs when we were on the verge of gaining it everything. It is possible that if Sam Cassell had not had its injury that there would be win everything. During that then, the stage was full. Agricultures and cattle dealers came from far like the heads of very great businesses of the city. You can be part of the search of the championship and can cause that atmosphere of illusion and spectacle returns.

Third party: Economically I know that you must much consider, and try not even I include/understand the complexities of your present contract and the others. But I know that when playing against our national team recently time, and when having as much success, was much people been unidense who remained impressed with your talents and your competitive spirit very. I understand that what interests to you is to win, but with respect to contracts, really the first contract of the NBA is completely fixed but once players fulfill first his, then they can negotiate two or three contract multiannual ones. In my opinion if a very young player as your career can fulfill its first early contract in his, is more favorable because they are left you more years to play a very high level. If you can "go to the well" three times instead of two during your career, already you see, is better.

Quarter: A month ago, it specifically left a article in Wall Street Journal describing aspects the sport world and the competition of Spaniards in the sport world. In order to clarify, we are created here very competitive also, but having lived in Andalusia from 1994 to 1996 I very well clearly have the competitive spirit of the Spaniards. The fact is that if you came I believe that you would help that many young people in Minnesota and the United States will take hold to basketball and other sports here and to play with more creativity and some of the qualities that are mentioned in this article.

This morning left the news Spain saying that it was the possibility that you still come to east Minnesota year. I hope that the legal things with your present equipment can be solved, and although I have still not found a restaurant with perfectly authentic paella, nor Mountain ham, Minnesota is a good place and you will not pass cold so that literally you will go from your garage to your sport utility vehicle (SUV) to the sessión of practice!


Saludo Mark Madsen

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