Another dumb trade idea...

OK, I've read of several trade ideas that are worthy of getting Mr. Kahn fired if he even whispered them to himself while sitting on the john. So with the bar so low, I reckon I can submit an idea too.

I'm gonna be brave & reckless, and propose a trade of Ricky Rubio. Please don't dump on me until you read about it.

Background: There is one team we could trade with that is so gobsmackingly obvious that I'm surprised no one has mentioned it -- Miami Heat. Miami has the biggest Hispanic population in the USA, English is practically the 2nd language. It is also a major tourist destination in the USA for people from Spain, Germany, Scandiland, Italy & Greece. If I'm Stern, and I want to build the NBA brand in Europe, I want Ricky to play in Miami.

So here is a trade proposal that would be good for both teams:


To Miami:

Ricky Rubio plus Spare Parts (any 2 or 3 of Etan Thomas, Smith, Pecherov, Cardinal, Gomes). Maybe the Pekovic pick if they are nice enough to take a bunch of our guys and send a pick back.

To the Wolves:

Michael Beasley, plus a bad contract not named Mark Blount, plus a pick


Why Miami does it:

Rubio is perfect for Miami, he can play with Wade, and also be the next Wade as Duane fades. Riley would love a banger like Thomas for a year or two, he'd appreciate a smart vet like Cardinal, he could find a role for a 7 foot popper like Pecherov, and he might even like the idea of bringing Pekovic over -- with a virtual certainty (according to me) that Pekovic would sign with Miami. Another reason: Beasley was mildly disappointing in his rookie year, and does not seem like a Riley type player. There was a lot of hesitation over the pick in 2008, and it seemed like Riley wanted Rose or Mayo instead. If he gets Ricky, he turns Beasley into the kind of player he wanted last year.

From a business standpoint, Miami would sell tickets like crazy and create a great identity for the team with Ricky. Miami would be the go-to place for euro hoops fans on vacation -- beaches, babes, ball and Ricky.


Why Minnesota does it:

Relieves the PG situation, establishes Flynn as heir apparent, with good backup in Bassy. More important, we use Beasley as a long 3, turning a big weakness into a big strength. With a front court of Al, Love & Beasley, who needs a center? Al plays in the block, Love at the top and Beasley at the wing and as a spacer & runner, plus we'd be dominant rebounders -- an awesome team. With Corey as a defender/runner, and WEllington as a shooter and spacer, we'd be cool. Flynn would work really well with the three bigs as targets.



This might seem unbalanced in favor of Minnesota, but I'm thinking it can be done. Rubio has bigger star power and upside than Beasley, arguably. And in terms of giving the Heat an identity in the biggest Hispanic market and Euro travel destination, it would have to be considered.

Ok there it is. Please, be gentle with me...

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