Trade proposal

Oleksiy Pecherov and Wolves' second-round 2010 pick to the Warriors for Marco Belinelli.

Biedrins is the Warriors' only seven-footer, and Pecherov would be the kind of highly-skilled big that Don Nelson likes to play.  Pecherov has a cost-effective team option for 2010-11.  The Warriors have a slew of players capable of being swing forwards, but they could use a tall guy with upside to take some backup minutes.  More importantly, they just added Steph Curry to an already-crowded guard/wing equation.

The Wolves have a lot of power forwards and very few wing players.  They could use a young floor-spacer with the ability to put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim, which are all things that Belinelli has the capability to do.  Belinelli played like a poor man's Rudy Fernandez last year and is actually a year younger than Rudy.  They are very similar players in their abilities and numbers.

Both players actually have the exact same contract in terms of salary and numbers.

If the Wolves really wanted to get creative, here's another something that might work.  Since the Warriors are so intent on getting a marquee power forward, this frees up cap space in 2010 for them to go after Bosh, Boozer, Lee, or Stoudemire.

To the Wolves: Ronny Turiaf, Corey Maggette, Marco Belinelli ($14.63MM in 2009 salaries)

To the Warriors: Brian Cardinal, Etan Thomas, Oleksiy Pecherov ($15.64MM in 2009 salaries)

The Wolves would get a floor-spacer and a pretty efficient second scorer in Maggette and a legitimate post defender as the third man for the PF/C rotation in Turiaf.  They would also have fairly significant cap room in 2010; payroll would stand at about $47.7MM (assuming Rubio signs this year, and the team options for Brewer and Gomes are not exercised).

The cap for next year will probably be somewhere between $52MM and the current cap of $57.7MM.  Max salary offers will start around $13.5MM, if I'm understanding the cap correctly.  The Wolves could still be in position to offer a max salary if the cap is on the mid- to high end of that, and they can rent someone's cap space or trade exception (like Philly did with us when we got Carney and Booth) on Songaila and Telfair (assuming both exercise their player options, they're owed a combined $7.5MM expiring).  They could also easily do a lopsided salary trade, using their cap space and Songaila and Telfair's expiring deals.

Most importantly, the Wolves would be respectable enough next year to a) ensure that the Clippers get a non-top-ten draft pick in 2010 instead of an unprotected pick in 2012, and b) show 2010 free agents that the team is moving in the right direction.  Jefferson, Love, Rubio, Maggette, Flynn, Turiaf, Belinelli, Ellington, and a 2010 free agent is an excellent starting point.

The Warriors would get a chance to sign a premiere 2010 free agent without trading away any of their important young players.  They'd have Ellis, Biedrins, Jackson, Azubuike, Curry, Wright, Randolph, and Morrow under contract for $41MM, with anywhere between $11MM and $18MM to play with.  They'd also have more minutes for their younger guys, and would have a clear path to contention.  Instead of being mired in pretty-good territory with Maggette and Turiaf handcuffing their financial flexibility, they would have a core worthy of playoff contention along with the cap space to lure or trade for the missing piece to a championship.

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