Report: Villacampa calls Barcelona's offer very poor

Ed Note: I bumped this to the front page.  Link, full article and Google translation is below the fold.  David Kahn has given a response to whatever may or may not be happening with the Rubios: "We will have no comment until the situation is resolved, whenever that may be."

And so the waiting continue. We will repeat what we have said all-along: This is a math problem.  Joventut has a number and the Rubios have a number.  The Wolves have a fixed number.  Until these three numbers are aligned in a way that adds up, we will wait and wait and wait and wait.

El presidente del DKV Joventut, Jordi Villacampa, ha calificado de "decepcionante" la oferta formal que el Regal Barça ha hecho a la entidad verdinegra por el base Ricky Rubio.

Además, el máximo dirigente del club badalonés ha admitido que la cantidad ofrecida por el conjunto azulgrana es menor que las presentadas por otros equipos como el Real Madrid y el Olympiacos.

Según Catalunya Ràdio, el Barça ha ofrecido menos de 2,5 millones de euros por Rubio, cuya cláusula de rescisión es de 5,75 millones de euros.

Sin intención de negociar

Así, el club verdinegro ha manifestado que no tiene intención de estudiar en profundidad la propuesta del Barcelona, a pesar de que la entidad azulgrana ya habría llegado a un principio de acuerdo con el jugador.

Ricky Rubio, número cinco en el último draft de la NBA, se ha incorporado hoy a la concentración de la selección española, que ya prepara su participación en el campeonato de Europa de Polonia.


Google translate


The chairman of DKV Joventut, Jordi Villacampa, has described as "disappointing" that the formal offer Regal Barça has made to the green for the base entity Ricky Rubio.

Furthermore, the leader of the club badalona has admitted that the amount offered by all azulgrana is smaller than those presented by other teams like Real Madrid and Olympiacos.

According to Catalunya Radio, Barça has offered less than 2.5 million euros for Rubio, whose clause is 5.75 million.

Without intent to negotiate

Thus, the club has said that green does not intend to study in depth the proposal of Barcelona, although the azulgrana entity would have already reached an agreement in principle with the player.

Ricky Rubio, number five in the final draft of the NBA, was today added to the concentration of the Spanish team, which prepares its participation in the European Championship in Poland.

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