I love me some Rosen...or not


By Charlie Rosen


What do you think of Ricky Rubio's decision to forgo his NBA career for at least two years? Is this player really worth the wait? — Anonymous

From what I've seen and heard of him, Rubio does indeed have incredible court vision and is an outstanding passer as well. However, he lacks strength, a consistent jump shot and the ability to play acceptable defense. And, yes, since he backed out after the T-Wolves had reached a buyout agreement with his Spanish team, it was strictly Rubio's decision to avoid playing in the NBA for the time being.

One key consideration in this whole business is that Rubio didn't exactly distinguish himself when playing against Team USA last summer in Beijing. As a result, I think the kid is just plain afraid to go up against NBA players for 82 games.

The fact that his competitive fire doesn't burn hot enough for him to want to play against the world's best hoopers says something significant about Rubio's makeup. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he never played in the NBA.

Indeed, he's hardly worth the trouble and the wait. Ramon Sessions is a much more accomplished NBA point guard than Rubio will ever be.'t-wait-around-for-Rubio


Now I can fully respect an analyst or writer’s opinion when it is actually logical…even if I don’t agree with them.  But a couple of things ring particularly petty and illogical to me with this article.


  1. The lack of strength and a consistent jump shot seems to be a given for anyone of High School age.  Isn’t that why the NBA didn’t want High Schoolers joining their ranks?  It was either that they weren’t ready or to protect GMs from making stupid decisions.  The point is that Rosen tries to make it seem like this will always be the case.
  2. Apparently the money issue had nothing to do with it.  I mean what is about half or more of your annual salary…small potatoes I say.
  3. I love how Rosen drops words to spin things like “one key consideration”…”just plain afraid” and then ends it with “Indeed, he’s hardly worth the trouble and the wait.”


Man I wish that I could just make crap up and then hang my conclusions on them…dripping with cynicism of course.  I just love the double standard.  Any American High School graduate isn’t ready to play in the NBA…but Ricky should be.  I wish he had come over, simply from the standpoint that the question of whether he would come over would be behind us.  Of course it would become a whole new kind of circus.  But I digress.  Do you think this is just Rosen’s way of justifying why the NBA isn’t going to miss Rubio next year (or apparently ever)?  It kind of has that petulant child tone to it.

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