What ELSE could we possibily need?

Watching Kahn over the last three plus months has been a blur! This post in no way is a gripe about how many transactions have taken place during Kahn's short tenure thus far.  I am merely inviting discussion as to what possible moves can still be made. We have looked on as Kahn has completely dismantled the back court, rebuilding it with the hopes that they can perform at a functioning level, doing so with the additions of Flynn, Sessions, Pavlovich, Daniels and Ellington. We have seen a high percentage of Mchale's men castoff to other organizations.  We have also watched Kahn work his hardest to handle the Pretty Ricky situation with the best of his abilities.  As we look at the roster, we know there are unanswered questions that will need to be adressed.  We do know that dead weight, such as Atkins, Blount, and  Wilkins, are not free to be traded together for a few more weeks.  When the time comes, does Kahn unload these contracts to pick up, say ... another back up center? Maybe another Small Forward option?

In this post, I would like for you to give your opinion in three phases.

Looking at the roster, what positions/players would you like to see addressed?


Can this player be had in the remaining thin free agent marked?


What trades might work to get this type of player?


For example....

1.    I am still concerned about our Forward/Center rotation.  Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about the POTENTIAL of Hollins.  However, even if Hollins does pan out, there still plenty of minutes that need to be covered.  Does that mean Pecherov and Cardinal will be looked at to provide valuable minutes to spell Al Jefferson and Kevin Love?  If so that scares me. It is important to be mindful that Big AL tore his ACL last season, which is a very serious injury.  Who is to say he will be 100 percent when the season starts? I seriously doubt he will.  The coaching staff  needs to make there is some sort of back up plan in the event that Al is not completely ready to return.  No one can compare to Al's skills, but it doesn't hurt to have guys coming off the bench, giving solid minutes to help ease Al back.


2.   The only player I could find still available on the free agent market that could potentially step in and help out on the low block with with Love, AlJeff, and Hollins is Robert Swift. He fits the mold of a young player that can develop, he can be had for fairly cheap, and he is a 7 Footer. He's 23, a 4 year vet, and has the potential to help down low and provide mins to help spell love and big al.


3.  To be honest, I am not as up on the trade machine as a lot of you are, but I am curious to see what we could with a package of expirings.  Blount, Wilkins, Atkins, Cardinal.  (Daniels and Pavs are also one year deal, but I am assuming they will be staying around). Furthermore, looking at our roster, the Timberwolves almost HAVE to acquire another player through a trade, as there are currently 15 players on the roster.

This is an updated list of restricted and unrestricted free agents, for every team from now until 2010.  Hope to hear your ideas!

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