List of all Centers in NBA - who might make sense to pursue.

Lots of discussion about the center position and who should be playing it for the wolves. In the interest of thoroughness, I've made a list of all centers on NBA teams [and a few big PF] who it might make sense to pursue as another "defensive big" to add to our team. Remember Rambis said Jefferson and love could co-exist if we had a good defensive big man.  This list is to find that man.  [There would be another list of college big men.] 

If I've missed anyone good, please put it in the comments and I'll add them. 

One thing I noticed from my list was "pickings are slim" for youngish good centers, whose teams might want to trade their center [they have other big men who could fill in]. 

In my view trades have to work for both parties. So it makes no sense to try to get a center from a team, if they only have one decent one, unless we give them back a center they want more or we give them a means to replace their center, like our first round draft pick. 

You also have to look at a teams situation. For instance, Perkins might be the young, defensive center we want to pursue, but Boston is "going for it now" so they wouldn't consider trading Perkins until "the big 3" finish their run for a championship. 

I've put stars *** next to teams who have multiple centers and we might be able to "steal one".  There are not many stars. Meaning there are not many situations where it might be easy to get a good youngish defensive center in a trade. 

If you see a situation to pursue a center that I'm missing, please me me know, but again, any trade proposal has to make sense for both parties, or its unlikely to be realistic. 

Best trading partners look to be: Grizzlies, Clippers, Trailblazers (if healthy), Bulls (or free in free agency), Warriors, and 76ers (maybe) - I think in that order. 

I've organized the listing by NBA divisions:


  • Celtics - Perkins
  • Nets - Lopez, Sean Williams (still on team?) 
  • Knicks - Lee
  • 76ers - Dalembert, Brand, Speights *** option 6
  • Raptors - Bagnani/Bosh



  • Hawks - Hortford, Pachulia 
  • Bobcats - Chandler/Mohammed
  • Heat - Jermaine O'Neal
  • Magic - Howard, Gortat (somebody said Gortat should have ***) not sure I agree, Magic kept him for  a reason. 
  • Wizards - Haywood, Blatch, McGee


  • Mavericks - Dampier
  • Rockets - Yao
  • Grizzlies - Gasol/thabeet ***  Option 1
  • Hornets - Okafor
  • Spurs - Blair 


  • Nuggets - Nene, Anderson (Birdman) ***
  • Wolves  - us
  • Thunder - krstic, BJ Mullens
  • Blazers - Oden/Pryzbilla *** (if both were health, neither is now) - option 3 
  • Jazz - Okur/Fesenko  


  • 'warriors - Biedrins/Randolph/Wright *** option 5 
  • Clippers - Kaman/Camby/Griffin/Jordan *** option 2 
  • Lakers - Bynum
  • Suns - Frye, Stoudemire, Lopez
  • KIngs - Hawes/Thompson 
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