An Al Jefferson trade that makes sense?

It's hard to find a deal that makes any sense for both teams given a few of Al's limitations, relatively large contract and what we need in return. We're looking for a team with an athletic big, defensive minded, preferrably with similar star power to Al. A team that might be in the market for a dominant low post scorer who puts up 20/10 nightly who would still have the kind of complementary guys left (after the trade) to play with Al.

Golden State isn't a perfect fit (given Nellie ball vs. Al's style), but they have some pieces that are workable. There was a recent piece on ESPN about fixing the Warriors where their need for low post scoring was discussed.

-Biedrins is back in action, still on the mend from surgery? However, he's not playing much with his time going largely to Ronny Turiaf, a defensive minded shotblocker.

-The Warriors will eventually get B. Wright back, another defensive rangy post. Al playing next to Turiaf and Wright would help hide several of his deficiencies. It's easy to forget with grass is greener perspective that Al is still a very good player and that would be an interesting big man rotation.

-Randolph was once considered untouchable, but recently was essentially made available for a team willing to take Maggette's contract. If the Warriors were that eager to shed Maggette's deal (who's playing really well this year offensively), I can't imagine they wouldn't want to do the same for Biedrins -a guy that's losing time to Turiaf. Another option would be to include Maggette for expirings, but I think that's a bit excessive on our part given Biedrins and Maggette's contracts.

Can a losing team like the Warriors afford to play Biedrins $9 million/year as a complementary big? Especially when they don't have his offensive complement and have cheaper guys doing a lot of what he does?

Curry, Ellis
Ellis, Morrow
Maggette, Azubuike
Jefferson, Wright
Turiaf, Al

They add a high lotto pick to's an interesting mix. If they get a new coach that doesn't think that NBA basketball is a video game.

Biedrins isn't a star, but he's a long near 7' guy who averages 10/10 on good shooting (horrible in FTs though) when healthy with 1.5 bpg. Randolph scares me given the persistent concerns regarding his attitude. He's got KG like potential on the court, but little chance to be that good mentally. Still, he looks like he's going to be a very productive player.

Love, Randolph, Biedrins, and Pekovic is a interesting mix of big men offering a little bit of everything.

Scoring: Pekovic, Randolph and Love all score in different ways.
Rebounding: All are decent led by Love's excellence.
Defense: Biedrins is the focus here with Randolph providing athletcism and Love good positional D. Pekovic is an unknown
Shot Blocking: Biedrins and Randolph are 1.5 bpg type guys. Probably the weakest post trade area.

Any other ideas?

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