Wolves 11th in NBA for "at the rim" defense for December. Would be better if pace adjusted!

The data I'm reviewing is from 

Screen is

We will look at where wolves opponents score. 

The data will show how many baskets are made: 1) at the rim, 2) within 10 ft, 3) 10 to 15 ft, 4) 16 to 23 ft, 5) beyond the 3 point line

I've also shown data for just December, the month that Jefferson and Love played together most. There was improvement in "at the rim" defense. 


This is the data for the FULL SEASON:

To summarize (all of the data shows baskets given up by the wolves):

1) at the rim we ranked 20th at 16.6, NBA median was 16.2

2) between rim and 10 feet we ranked 19th at 4.2, NBA median was 4.1

3) 10 to 15 feet we ranked 10th at 2.6, NBA median was 3.0

4) 16 to 23 feet we ranked 25th at 8.9, NBA median was 8.3

5) at 3 point line we ranked 30th or last at 7.8, NBA median was 6.3

So 3 pointers are killing us. 

Note: Love didn't play in Oct/Nov and has seen limited minutes in january. Jefferson was still very hampered by injury early in the season. We play at the 3rd highest pace in the NBA. 



I've analyzed "JUST" December from this web site to see differences. With both Jefferson and Love playing for a full month, Jefferson healthier, etc. 

Note: For rankings I've compared our december data to full year data for the NBA. 

1) at the rim we ranked 11th at 15.6, NBA median was 16.2  

[Note: we are 3rd in pace so we would RANK HIGHER IF PACE ADJUSTED] 

2) between rim and 10 feet we ranked 25th at  4.4, NBA median was 4.1

3) 10 to 15 feet we ranked 12th at 2.8, NBA median was 3.0

4) 16 to 23 feet we ranked 29th at 9.6, NBA median was 8.3

5) at 3 point line we ranked 30th at 7.2, NBA median was 6.3

* One other interesting observation. Most of the "big nights" for points at the rim, by wolves opponents, were made in transition. So for instance the worst night in December for baskets "at the rim" was against the Jazz, the first game. They had 24 baskets at the rim. But that was the night they ran the wolves off the floor. If you remember the Kings big "blowout", they did a similar thing scoring 20 basketts at the rim, most of them in transition. Most often when the wolves have a big problem with defense at the rim, most of the scoring is in transition, before the wolves interior defense is set up. 

Obviously that is not always the case as we saw against the Cav's last night. Most of the Cav's interior scoring was on good interior passing and cuts. But that type of play wasn't what hurt us when I looked game by game in December.  Most teams don't have the patience of the Cav's to make 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th passes to find an easy hoop at the rim.

Even last night the wolves initial rotations on penetration by the cav's were good. But secondary and tertiary rotations didn't happen. The wolves need much more practice on rotations all around. But based on the data, I'd start on the perimeter. 

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