Predict - a - Roy, v2.0

So I know I just posted this thread last week, but I just wanted to check in again. I know it's only been a few preseason games, but I just wanted to find out if the consensus had changed. Griffin has been absolutely phenomenal in his first games. Like... he's put up some numbers that would have him in consideration of the allstar game. Personally, I think Wall is going to have a lot of struggles and I think he's going to hit a rookie wall at some point that will hurt his rankings. I wouldn't say he is a guarantee for the top 5 even. He probably will get there just by name recognition and number 1 pick status, but I don't even think that's a promise. So far this preseason some guys have stood out that should be in the running. I still think Cousins will come in very high and his preseason has done nothing to deter that opinion. Other guys to talk about include our very own Nikola Pekovic. Oh, and Wes Johnson too. All kidding aside, they've both been great. Efficient as can be and have played within the offense very nicely. Pekovic has some foul issues to overcome, but once he does he will be a damn beast.

My prediction barring injuries or major trades (as little as it's worth, especially at this point in the season):

1. Blake Griffin (He's going to do what DMC does, but with style and no attitude)
2. DeMarcus Cousins (He's going to foul out of too many games/minutes and have too many noshows to eek out a win)
3. John Wall (I don't think he will deserve this spot, probably deserves 5 or 6 by year's end)
4. Nikola Pekovic (He gets the nod because voters want to credit McHale's pick for the Wolves turn around)
5. Wes Johnson (rather than David Kahn's pick)

Honorable Mention: Tiago Splitter makes a solid case for himself among the stat heads (who point to John Wall's D.Rose-like issues).

I'm going to keep this poll to Griffin and Wall for simplicity's sake, but I will also put an 'other' option for comments if you would like. Also, feel free to add your top 5 or 10 prediction.

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