Splendor on the Glass

......the title of this thread is quoting Walt Frazier, who was beside himself as he marveled about Kevin Loves historic night. Love was a one man wrecking crew the whole second half. He was a monster on the boards, toying with the Bricks with ease, facing little resistance, and controlling the game. He and Beasley dominated, and became Minnesota's superstars, as Walt frazier called them.

Between them, they had 66 points, more than the original Big Three of KG, Sprewell and Cassell averaged. They also had 37 boards, and 9 assists. What shall we call them? The Big Two? The Terrible Two's? The Dynamic Duo? The Decision Part Deux?

And did you notice the lineup the Pups ran out during the 4th quarter route? You know the route. The one that saw the Wolves turn an 87-80 deficit to start the 4th into a 106-97 lead with less than 2 minutes to play, a 26-10 runaway to put the Bricks away. Except for a few valuable minutes by Gaines to start the 4th, the lineup consisted of Love, Beasley, Johnson, Brewer and Telfair. Has Kurt finally found our best lineup? A young, athletic bunch that can shoot, rebound and run? We became more of a running team with the slower, less mobile Darko on the bench, and Rambis obviously liked what he saw. A team that played hard and defended and hustled.

It's not who starts the game, it's who finishes.

None of our bigs got any burn, as Darko and Koufos led the cheers from the pine. Darko played some valuable minutes for us, but once that lineup took over, the Wolves took off.

Telfair was the grizzly old 6 year veteran of the bunch, all of 25 years old, leading his young charges with unselfish play. He only took 5 shots, and he missed them all, but he dished out 8 dimes and was a plus 8 in his 37 minutes of play. Somehow, I never equated 37 minutes of play and Telfair in the same thought. But there it was, for all to behold. Once thought of as another McHale bust, he is now a valuable starter on this team.

We may be the youngest team in the league, but you could just feel the envy in Stoudemires voice when he said the Wolves play the game the right way. As we killed them on the boards and took what the defense gave us, that's exactly what Rambis has been trying to teach them. Scoring from all parts of the floor, inside and out, sharing the ball, rebounding, getting back on D....... the Knicks didn't know what hit them.

They were steamrolled.

By a team playing the "right way"

Let's see........who's our next victim?

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