What Could've Been, or What's Yet to Come?

I'm legitimately excited about our Love/Beasley combo we've got going here. They seem like really good friends and really cover up each others strengths and weaknesses. I think instead of talking about having wings be interchangeable, we have forwards who are interchangeable. They aren't small and power forwards, they are just straight up forwards. I know we're all excited here, and to put a damper on things, we are most likely getting ahead of ourselves, but they're looking good. And it's fun to watch. So let yourself get ahead of yourself, it's more fun that way!

As an incentive to keep reading, there are more videos than words, so your brain won't have to work very hard! Maybe that's only an incentive for me...

But we've had this before. And in my opinion, this is nothing in comparison. Do you remember how much fun Garnett and Marbury were to watch? I loved the chemistry and the style of play they had. It was phenomenal. I'd take that one hundred times out of one hundred over a Beasley/Love combo. But Marbury left us. So now we're "stuck" with Love/Beasley and a waste of Garnett's prime. Just to remind you though:


                                                                      Garnett and Marbury - Minnesota Years (via NBA)

That was fun. They had the intensity and everything. Straight up fun.

But looking forward, we're not in a bad spot at all. Beasley, Love, Rubio should be a decent core compared to Garnett, Googs, and Marbury. Very high aspirations, but it's possible. I don't know if it will ever be as much fun, or if it ever even could be as much fun, but it's off to a good start.


                                                         Kevin Love to Michael Beasly - Full Court Alley Oop! (via clove503)

I look forward to seeing that at least once before their time together is over. Now David Kahn, please do not trade away Kevin Love for sCRAPs, thanks. I'll still support a trade where we get positive value without a second thought, but don't trade him for any players like: Anthony Randolph, DeAndre Jordan, or Wilson Chandler. Just pulled those three out of a hat. Completely random.

Speaking of random: Random fanpost break:


                                                    Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) - Parry Gripp (via ParryGripp)

That was completely unnecessary and for that I apologize. But on a side note, had a quick mention of a new "trick shot" competition over allstar weekend. Methinks Kevin Love should be entered:


                                                                      Kevin Love "KING of the Trick Shots" (via ripparty)

Love's full court shot shouldn't be a bad weapon either. And as much as I hate to admit it, Kyle Singler should also be permitted a guest entry (stick around for the last shot, it's worth it):


                                                             Kyle Singler Gets Buckets (Trick-Shot Reel) (via thedonner)

That's all I've got. A random jumble of ideas focused on Garnett and Marbury v. Beasley and Love. They've got their work cut out for them, and there's probably no way that the two latter even have a snowballs chance in Beasley's shooting hand at being more electrifying than Garnett and Marbury were together. Ahhh... how I wish Marbury wasn't such a giant Douche1_medium. Ignoring that though, what do you guys think this team needs before we could ever match the fun of those days? Does it all come down to wins for you? Or are we a Rubio away? A Rubio and a Barnes/P.Jones/etc?

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