Number Scrounging: What is as scarce as a 31-rebound game?


We all follow this team, so we know the two historical examples that were mentioned around Kevin Love's 31-31 performance.


Charles Barkley was the last player to record 30+ boards back in '96. (Here's that game line. Sir Chuck scored 20 on 5 of 8 from the floor. Way to be efficient, Charles.)


Moses Malone put up 38 points and 32 rebounds back in 1982. (Did you notice the NBA site had put up that video of Moses?)

We all know that those two categories aren't equal in their rarity, though, too. Players put up 30 points pretty often. Heck, Michael Beasley's done it three times this last week. A startling 162 games have seen a player put up more than 50 points. Since 1986 (the start of Basketball-Reference's game database), only thirteen 30-rebound games have occurred, and five of those were recorded by Dennis "The Worm" Rodman.

For your extremely mild amusement, then, and to gain a scrap of perspective on the freak-show value of putting up 30 rebounds, I offer a list of other NBA accomplishments that have occurred something like 13 times in the last 25 or so years. Since 1986....

Why, since 1986 sixteen players have scored 60 or more points in a single night. (MJ and Kobe did so more'n twice apiece.) B-Easy, you want to keep up with your new teammate, right? Right?

Eleven players have stolen the ball 10 times or more. (Alvin Robertson, repeat burglar offenses. The Bucks had an awesome backcourt for a while.)

The comparable threshold for assists seems to be at about 24. Twelve NBA players have seen 24 or more in their personal line. (Magic Johnson and John Stockton did so more than once. Also, the one time: Ramon Sessions.)

The scarcity cutoff matching 30 rebounds would be somewhere between 12 and 13 blocks18 players have swatted 12 or more. (That list is interesting for its repeaters, with Manute Bol on it six times. Requiescat in Pace, Manute.)

There's a gap between 9 and 10 three-point field goals in a game. Only 10 players have managed to get to double-digits. (J.R. Smith has done so twice with Denver. Huh.)

Wburtonhs1_mediumFourteen players have gone to the line 24 times or more in a single night. That's a list of All Time Greats.... and, um, Willie Burton. One day we should hope Wes Johnson can earn the Willie Burton treatment.


Efficiency, you say? Fifteen players have been perfect on 11 shots or more for a given night.


The NBA has seen 15 59+ minute games for individual players. Aaron Brooks played that much this last January. (Kevin Love, the bar has been set high: work on that conditioning. Ask your dad about getting lean. He's lookin' trim in this old photo, for sure.)





Fifteen stars have gotten the green light for more than 40 shots in a single game. (Kobe's on that list seven times, and Jordan four. Suddenly Allen Iverson is looking shy with a mere one appearance.)


The Hall of Shame:

I'm surprised how rare this one is: Only fifteen NBA warriors (small "w") have managed to go 0-for-12 or worse from the floor. (Five scored no points at all in so doing. Ron Artest scored 7 points from the line while missing every last shot in game action.)


Twenty players have attempted 9 or more three-pointers without hitting any of them at all. (Guess who tops the list.... Yes, it's 'Toine Walker, missing eleven treys in a row.)


Twelve glorious individuals have managed to turn the ball over 12 times or more. (As you'd guess, with the exception of Damon Stoudamire every name on the list is an All Star-caliber player. Coaches sit lesser talents when they're fumbling it that much.)

Six fouls is nuthin' on Cal Bowdler. Dude apparently drew the whistle 7 times on November 13th, 1999. He's the only guy who's accomplished that august feat: 2 points, 7 fouls, 2 boards in 15 minutes.

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