Top ten duos in the NBA

Over the past six games, Kevin Love and Michael Beasley have been the best thing this franchise has seen since KG, Cassell, and Spree first stepped out on the court together. That got me thinking - just how good are these guys doing/producing this year, relative to the rest of their peers?

First, I'm sorting all of this by points, as let's be honest - it's the standard shorthand measure for evaluating players.

Second, there's no advanced stats here, no PER (although I did include WS just for, I don't know, just because), no nothing beyond basic box score averages throughout the season so far.

So, after the jump, behold the top ten duos in the NBA and how our boys compare!

Methodology - take the list of the top scorers this year in the NBA today and start writing down names and teams until you get 10 teams with at least two guys on it. Collate. Put in fanpost. (I apologize for the simple table, but it's far clearer than what I had going before).

OKC KD & WB 78.1 51.3 11.9 10.7 5 2.5
LAL KB & PG 72 49.2 18.4 8.9 3.6 4.3
MIA DW & LJ 71 46.1 11.8 12.4 4.9 3.4
HOU KM & LS 67.4 46 13.2 4.8 2.5 2.8
GSW ME & SC 72.5 45.9 7.4 10.9 5.3 2.4
CHI DR & LD 76.3 45.1 9.8 11.5 3.5 2
UTA DW & PM 77.1 43.8 14.1 12.9 3.2 4
DAL DN & JT 70.8 42.9 10.7 6.2 2.7 2.8
MIN MB & KL 63.2 41.1 19.6 3.4 2.7 1.9
SAS MG & TP 67.4 39.8 6.3 12 4.3 2.9


Not bad, huh? So far our boys are in the top ten this season! 

If we adjust to a standard amount of time (72 minutes, in this case - aka two 36 minute players), the standings adjust accordingly:

LAL - 49.2 ppg

HOU - 49.14 ppg

OKC - 47.29 ppg

MIN - 46.82 ppg

MIA - 46.75 ppg

GSW - 45.58 ppg

DAL - 43.63 ppg

CHI - 42.56 ppg

SAS - 42.52 ppg

UTA - 40.9 ppg


Not bad, huh?

Finally, to further illustrate just how dominant these two have been since the Lakers game (the last six games), let's compare Beasley and Love's last six games to the league leaders (in overall and per 72 minutes):


OKC - 78.1 mpg, 51.3 ppg, 11.9 rpg, 10.7 apg, 5 s+bpg

MIN - 74.4 mpg, 51.3 ppg, 22.6 rpg, 4.6 apg, 3.8 s+bpg


(per 72 minutes)

LAL - 49.2 ppg, 18.4 rpg, 8.9 apg, 3.6 s+bpg

MIN - 49.65 ppg, 21.87 rpg, 4.45 apg, 3.68 s+bpg


Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

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