Stuffed! The rates at which Wolves players have their shots blocked.

We have two easy sources for decent data on players getting their own shots blocked. Before even checking those, I decided I'd contrast the rates at which our various players, and a few others from around the league, get blocked on different types of shot attempts.

X350_mediumThe two sources:


  1. Hoopdata includes "%Blkd" – the overall rate of [blocked shots]/[Overall shots] – for each player in the league.
  2. Individual player pages on 82Games include breakdowns of each player's shooting tendencies. The categories involved are "Jump," "Close," "Dunk," and "Tip." Then there's an overall "Inside" rate, which aggregates all the stuff near the basket basically.

I've combined current numbers from those two sets of data for 2010-11 below. Each name is preceded by the overall %Blkd from Hoopdata. The linked names go to the 82games pages for each player. After that I've listed the 82games breakouts for types of shot. As almost nobody records more than 0% blocks on dunks or tips by definition, I'm going to list those only when someone's got a rate > 0% on them. 


Anyway, individual Wolves players:

11.9% Anthony Tolliver: Jump 8%, Close 25%. Overall "inside": 20%. High overall rates.

_3.6% Sebastian Telfair: Jump 2%, Close 9%. Inside: 9%.

_6.6% Michael Beasley: Jump 5%, Close 17%. inside: 13%. He can get that jumper off. Inside, though?

_7.5% Wes Johnson: Jump 6%, Close 19%, Inside: 12%.

_9.7% Kevin Love: Jump 10%, Close 16%. Inside: 12%. More jumpers blocked than I'd have guessed.

_9.9% Corey Brewer: Jump 5%, Close 23%, Dunk 25%, Inside 24%.

_5.2% Luke Ridnour: Jump 2%, Close 22%, Inside 22%.

10.3% Darko Milicic: Jump 31%, Close 3%, Inside 2%. He's right, nobody can stop the hook shot.

_8.7% Nikola Pekovic: Jump 21%, Close 5%, Inside 3%. Reputation for inside arts justified?

10.3% Kosta Koufos: Jump 8%, Close 7%, Dunk 50%, Inside 11%. Extremely small sample of dunks. ;-)

_3.2% Wayne Ellington: Jump 0%, Close 22%, Inside 18%.


A few league players for comparison:

15.9% Gerald Wallace: Jump 7%, Close 29%, Inside 27%. Wallace consistently gets blocked a lot over the years, for an outside player or really for any position.

_6.9% Corey Maggette: Jump 2%, Close 19%, Inside 16%. Another driving SF.

_6.4% Al Jefferson: Jump 3%, Close 15%, Inside 13%. Wiley post-up player whom we know well.

13.3% Tyrus Thomas: Jump 12%, Close 10%, Dunk 10%, Inside 10%. Athleticism weirdly employed.

_8.1% Shawn Marion: Jump 11%, Close 3%, Inside 2%. Marion takes a third of his shots "close," and doesn't get blocked on them.

_8.1% Carmelo Anthony: Jump 5%, Close 19%, Inside 16%. Compare and contrast to B-Easy?

27.3% Hasheem Thabeet: Jump 29%, Close 50%, Inside 17%. Who's blocking this many jumpers of his? He takes over half his attempts as jump shots. Yikes.


12.2% DeMarcus Cousins: Jump 13%, Close 7%, Dunk 13%, Inside 8%. DMC's game is about 60% jump shots right now. DeMarcus is really interesting to watch in game action at the moment; he's trying to get it outside and drive a lot, from what I've seen. When he gets it in good position he has the Jefferson-esque inside game, but when he's driving he's not quite under control and he'll get into tangles. (See: right.) Sacramento seems to think he's got that all-round potential in the NBA, though.

_9.7% Tony Parker: Jump 3%, Close 15%, Inside 15%. The quintessential driving point guard who can get shots off inside.

_8.4% Pau Gasol: Jump 10%, Close 13%, Inside 10%.

17.9% Glen Davis, 09-10: Jump 9%, Close 25%, Dunk 20%, Inside 25%. < Added

21.2% DaJuan Blair: Jump 26%, Close 18%, Inside 15%. < Added

And one weird outlying change in how someone is being used?

_2.9% Tyson Chandler: Jump 0%, Close 13%, Inside 3%.

12.6% Tyson Chandler Last Year: Jump 24%, Close 20%, Dunk 6%, Inside 11%.

Chandler's previous seasons were similar to least year. He's only appeared in 10 games, but Tyson's doing something a little different in those, so far.


Impressions? Love's rates compared with those of the rest of the team – Tolliver, for example – are one obvious lever to pull, but I think there's more of interest here. Thabeet and Milicic both getting blocked on their jumpers is sort of striking....

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