Home court chants

Everyone who's ever been to a sporting events has heard or taken part in some of the most generic chants out there.  The thunderous "D -- fence, D -- fence...." (spelled as heard not as written) is about as plain jane as it gets.  If you've been to a Twins game where Jason Kubel knocks the ball out you hear nothing but "Koobs" roaring.  While the plain jane approach works I suggest we come up with a list of home brew cheers that remind players they are at Target Center.  This team looks like it's on the rise and I figure the die hard fan base needs its stuff together so that we are ready to truly direct the bandwagon fans that will follow.

My hope is that others will fill in where I fail as I am not clever enough to do justice to every Wolf, but if we do this right and it catches on we should be able to leave every opponent and their broadcast crew wondering what's gotten into Minnesota.

The heavy hitters

Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Darko (really he only needs one name)

I propose that every time Darko does something truly impressive on the offensive or defensive end Wolves fans everywhere chant Maaaa -Na Maaaa-Na Maaaa-Na ---- Dar-Ko Dar-Ko Dar-Ko also works, but I prefer to stick it to the national pundits at the same time what say you?

While Kevin Love is a talented scorer he really thrived in FIBA play when given a specific direction "go out and get every rebound"  I propose D-fence D fence be replaced with Kevin's ball Kevin's ball Kevin's ball....  We all know that when we lock down the opponents just going to miss giving Love a board anyway, why not just remind them as they set up the half court?

Now Beasley strikes me as the sort of guy who already knows how good he is.  He doesn't need a house full of fans screaming to get him worked up, but he needs to be appreciated after showing just how good he is.  I think a roar of BEASSSSSS drowning out all thought (and the coming time out whistle from the opponent) should shake Target Center in the 4th quarter whenever Michael drains a jumper.


Local flavor

I like Wesley Johnson, but until he loses his hesitation on offensive I don't think he'll take it to the next level.  His defensive has been solid, but I think he's just facing some nerves on the offensive end.  Timid ...perhaps....meek ...maybe.  The rookie just needs to be reminded he's as tough to cover and stop as anyone else there.  Darko* was right he needs a good nickname.  I submit that "Kill Shark Kill Shark Kill Shark" erupt after Johnson drains a three.  Who cares if no-one outside of Minny ever gets it so long as Johnson remembers he's a bad bad man.

Sometimes you need to admit you've been beaten to the punch take in on the chin and move on.  Pacer fans here's looking at you.  As much as I like Lazar Hayward I don't want to see him logging minutes.  We should be better than that now.  When Hayward hits the floor "Who's that guy Who's that guy Who's that guy" chants should remind Rambis that a substitution is in order.  If Hayward actually shows he should be on the floor one minor change and we are good to go "Who's that guy --- Haaaay Waaaard -- who's that guy --- Haaaay Waaard"  it would be difficult to coordinate, but I really really doubt it'll come up this year.


Help is needed

Flynn, Webster, Ridnour, Telfair, Brewer and Pek


they'll all seem minutes (sooner or later) we should be prepared.  I'd try harder with Corey, but chants of "pass the ball pass the ball pass the ball" just don't feel right even if the message is right on.  I'm hoping you'll weight in and add as needed, but this is one time where there is no moral victory.  Either we come together agree and make this work or curse ourselves for a failed chance as once the bandwagon fans fill the seats the window will be lost forever.

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