Because I wish there was more to talk about

I just rediscovered's +/- stat thing. It has some interesting results, or maybe not that interesting.

For example, our best duo's are:

Beasley and Tolliver, +17 in 37 minutes

Love and Wes, +10 in 43 minutes

Love and Tolliver, +9 in 11 minutes

Wes and Beasley, +9 in 18 minutes

If you look at three player combos:

Beasley, Love, and Wes are +14 in 8 minutes

Beasley, Tolliver, and Luke are +13 in 30 minutes

Beasley, Love, and Tolliver are +11 in 10 minutes.

Are we starting to see a trend here? These four guys are consistently represented at the top of the +/- combos. What I find fascinating (and am probably reading too much into it) is how the top duo's play off each other, specifically Love and Tolliver and then Beasley and Wes.

With Love and Tolliver, you're pairing an energy guy who can take whichever big matchup is Love's weakness defensively with a tenacious rebounder. Furthermore, both guys are pretty good shooters and Tolliver's inside game might open things up for Kevin outside, or vice versa.

With Beasley and Wes you've again got Wes taking the tougher defensive matchup, and you're combining a great outside threat and perimeter rebounder with a guy who's (hopefully) driving to the rim a lot.

What really blows my mind about all this is that individually, Tolliver (+4) and Wes (+2) lead the team (combining with Bassy at +2) as the only positive guys in plus/minus on the team. Individually Love (-21) and Beasley (-20) rank pretty low on the squad (only better than Ridnour, Darko, and Wayne). I'm not really sure what's going on here. Is part of it because Tolliver and Wes (specifically) are playing against scrubs usually? I'm not sure.

My only suspicion at this point is that there are two primary components holding this team back right now - PG play and C play. Sebastian Pruiti at NBA playbook made the comment that historically triangle PGs are best with low usage rates. Currently Frodo's sporting a 17.5 usage rate and Bassy's sporting a 22.3 usage rate (good for 4th highest on the team). In contrast for all of Tolliver's great +/- he's actually last on the team in usage (12.9), whereas Love, Beasley, and Wes are the top three (all above 24.5). Among Wolves playing 10 or minutes a game, Tolliver's Ortg of 121 is 10 points per 100 possessions higher than the next best (Kevin Love).

Again, not really sure what to make of all of this other than the sense that we need to see more of Beasley, Love, Wes, and Tolliver out there playing together, with a greater focus on our points helping to set them up for shots and on our bigs to provide great defense, rebounding, or whatever else is necessary. I think if our PGs focus on playing a higher efficiency offensive game we will be more competitive, and I think once our bigs turn the corner we will become significantly better very quickly. If there is a story through four games this year it is how amazingly ineffective Darko and Pek have been. With the way's he's playing right now, Tolliver should be our starting center.

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