Bring his talents to Mille Lacs

I think most people here are in agreement that at this moment the TWolves are not a playoff caliber team. There are many ways to get to that caliber of basketball; the draft, developing young players, and trades. Most people get ridiculous ideas for trades that they can justify, and I want to see some here just for fun. Here's my idea.


Twolves get: Lebron James

Twolves give up: Nikola Pekovic, Michael Beasley, Anthony Tolliver, Rights to Ricky Rubio

Why the Wolves do it: As much as I do not enjoy his douchebaggery, Lebron James can play basketball. He makes the wolves an instant contender working with Love, Darko, Wes, and Luke. Luke becomes even more of a shooter because Lebron handles the ball most of the time. Wes is a spot up 3 baller. Darko is an inside force and Love cleans the glass.


Heat get: Nikola Pekovic, Tyson Chandler, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Tolliver, Knicks 1st round

Heat give up: Lebron James, Joel Anthony, Mike Miller

Why the Heat do it: They give up on the super trio experiment. They learn that Lebron and DWade cannot play effectively together. They trade Lebron and get a good defensive big in Tyson Chandler, a legit C size guy in Pek, a good defender/player in Wilson Chandler, another active defender/stretch big in Tolliver, and a shooter in Gallinari. Pretty much they trade Lebron to get the frontcourt depth that they are lacking.


Mavs get: Michael Beasley, Ronnie Turiaf,

Mavs give up: Tyson Chandler

Why the Mavs do it: They lose they're defensive center in Tyson Chandler, but gain a replacement defensive center in Turiaf. They also get a dynamic player in Beasley who they can play as another scorer off the bench.


Knicks get: The coveted rights to Ricky Rubio, Mike Miller, Joel Anthony

Knicks give up: Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Ronnie Turiaf, 1st round pick

It has been no secret that Knicks fans want to see Ricky in NY, and as little as I want to see them be right, we could let it happen for the right offer. The Wolves won't really be needing an ball dominant point guard with Lebron in town, so they trade him to NY where they love him NY greases the trade that sends the Wolves to a championship.


What are your guys' original trade ideas and explanations of why they will happen?

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