Ideas for a post Kevin Love wolves team

I'm not here necessarily advocating for a Kevin Love trade or to rehash a well worn argument into Love's advantages and disadvantages. That isn't the point of this thread. IF it is deemed necessary to move him however I think the most sensible thing to do is jump in on the failed Nets Nuggets Melo trade. It fell apart because of Denver wanting to shed more cash. This is were i think the Timberwolves can jump in.

There are several different ways we can go with this scenario. The core of it is Love to Denver, Favors to us, and Melo to NJ. I have worked out a scenario here that I will link. 

The trade would work out like this

Denver out Melo Balkman

in Love Brewer GS 1st (from NJ) Utah 1st (from us)

Reasoning- Denver gets the package they asked for in a Melo trade (young elite prospect multiple 1st round picks) and the savings they could not get in the original failed Melo deal. When you take the luxury tax into account this trade saves them a little more than 25 million dollars, and they get a new franchise face in Love.

NJ out Favors Harris Humphries GS 1st

in Melo Balkman

Reasoning- New Jersey has a closing window of opportunity in which to acquire a big name player to sign a large contract. This is because in 20 months Brook Lopez will require an extension, which he will get, but it will be very expensive and not allow NJ to spend the money to get another superstar. This gets them their man and basically gives up what they already showed a willingness to part with.

Min out Love Brewer Utah 1st

in Favors Harris Humphries

Reasoning- You move Love but you get another elite prospect back in Favors on the first year of his rookie deal. He is athletic and talented defensively and would look great running the floor. He could even play center against undersized opposing centers. Then you add Harris (which would necessitate Telfair being cut) a former all star point guard still in his prime. You use him to either a. make this team much better this year and be more bearable to watch or b. flip at either the trade deadline this year, the offseason for an asset to a contender, or c. Keep him for this year and next letting Rubio ease his way into the starting role rather than running the show and trade him in 2 years when Rubio is ready and he is a very valuable productive expiring contract. Humphries is a Minnesota boy and would be a good presence to have in our rotation for the one year he has left on his deal.

Note- This deal could also be altered to take out Harris and Humphries for Troy Murphey, but I like this trade as I believe Harris has something to prove and could help make our team better right now and be useful trade bait in the future.

Anyway just some ideas please don't take this as me insulting Love or saying that we will or should trade him. I like him is think hes productive. However, there are some inklings, (for the most part unsubstantiated) that would suggest a Love trade, so this is just a hypothetical IF that scenario happens upon us.

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