The View from row Z of 138

There were only two things wrong with tonights game.

1.  I found out they were only going to wear the black jerseys 1 more time

2.  My wife and I did not get on the kiss cam (Tim Allen is my hero)

I will tell you all the wonderful things I saw after the jump. 

- There were a lot of boys with there dads at tonights game.  I talked to some on the light rail to the game.  It was cool to see dads and sons excited for the wolves.

- These guys are having fun Klove and Beasley were horsing around before the game.  They were acting their age which was cool

- As soon as the lights went off before the intro everyone howled.  That's awesome no que just a whole bunch of people acting like wolves.

- Kloves coat drives films and the B-easy show were great

- A guy sitting next to me was wearing a Darko jersey.  That's awesome.  I think out of all the places he has played his jersey has probably sold the best here. 

- The Pistons are not a good team.  Tayshon frog had his feet in a lilly pad and Villenueva was a pwned pawn.  Stucky got some Kobe calls.  I have know idea what that was about.

- T Mac played like a cocky, overweight, washed up former good player.... oh wait

- Rip Hamilton was fun to watch.  Corey and Wes must have mesh marks on their faces for all the screens they had to run through.

- We were balanced tonight there was one point were we only had one player in double figures but we were still winning. 

- Killer Beas was in the building tonight however he had some foul trouble.  He wasn't happy about it, but my favorite part of the game was when he went to the bench in the second half after a bad foul and Pek put his arm around him and talked to him.  You wouldn't think those two would hang out together but it was cool to see the encouragement.  That's good team chemistry and culture.  It was also good to see him go to the hoop once his J wasn't falling.

- Speaking of Pek the skull count was at least 10 tonight.  People run into him and fall over.  He doesn't have bad defense he is just too strong.  He also had some pretty post moves.

- Klove was amazing.  He had an awesome outlit pass to Corey.  There were plenty of love connections tonight (insert PD joke here)

- Corey was full of energy.  He stole an entry pass and he flew around like an airplane before and after dunks.

- Darko had a block party.  Everytime someone got the ball close to the hoop with Darko around everyone got ready for the block.

- Wayne Ellington played within himself tonight.  That was good to see.

- Katy Perry's song wasn't chosen.  That was a highlight in itself.

- Wes had shot attemps in the paint and was more aggressive.  He was great tonight.  He is more aggressive when Beasley wasn't on the court.

- Bassy can dribble the ball.  There was one point where I thought to myself, "wow that's a turnover" and then he just got through the mess of people.  He also had some nice drives.

- Luke was the MVP of the game.  My favorite play that he had tonight was in the first quarter when we were down 17-4 and he made one of his pull up threes.  That was the turning point of the game and I knew that everything was going to be ok.  I don't know if he got up to 10 assists but he was awfully close to a double double.  He also played good defense and had some great steals.

-Speaking of Defense we played some great defense tonight.  The adjustments made on Rip worked for the most part.  Also the amount of blocks, rebound, and altered shots was huge.  Our big guys can play.

- For the stat guys out there we held them under 100 and scored over 100.  We would be undefeated if we could do that every game.  You can take that to the bank.

- My wife had fun at a basketball game and even got in on the cheering. 

- You know what is awesome?  The howling while the other team shoots the free throw.  We only got it to yellow twice I think but they missed at least one of those.  Stat guys - what's the opponets free throw percentage this season when it reaches yellow or red?

- The tickets on stubhub were cheap.  I am going to miss those cheap tickets next season or the season after that.

All in all I had a blast and now our pups are 2-0 with me in the building.  Hopefully I can go to more games and get us over 500 at home.

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