Road Warriors

Well, CH'ers called it correctly when 69% said we'd go 1-2 last week. The majority rules when it comes to our Wolves. I'm anxious to see how we'll do this week. So what does the coming week bring? With a full 2 days off before our next game, the Wolves have a chance to regroup after the shellacking they absorbed in Chicago at the hands of Da Bulls. They continue on the road for 5 more games, before coming home to face Big Al and the Utah Jazz on Dec 22nd.

Their offense was atrocious, as they lacked any semblance of ball movement. Their game plan mostly seemed to consist of bringing the ball upcourt, pass it to a scorer, and stand around and watch the scorer go one on one, as evidenced by our beasley measley 12 assists on 33 buckets. Is this really the way Rambis coaches the team to play? If not, why doesn't he call timeout and remind them how to play? Coach, coach.

Darkhole Milicic was his usual self, catching the ball in the post and dribbling a few times to set up his inevitable back to the basket turnaround lefthanded jump hook shot. I hope he doesn't patent that move. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dribbles off his leg. He needs to move the ball when he's covered, and drive when he has room. Moving the ball will spread the floor and open up the lane for him. He must still be hurting, as he only played 14 minutes last night, with zero assists. Get better, Darko, and get well too.  We need you playing at your peak if we're to have any success.

Beasley was his usual self also, getting the ball, stopping, waiting....and waiting....more waiting.....and finally hoisting up a contested prayer, or driving into a triple team. Hey, when it works, it's a thing of beauty. When it doesn't, it makes you wonder what the heck he's doing. Beas needs to use those times to make his teammates better, and play unselfishly. Pass the ball, Beas. Drive and dish to the open man when you're double or triple teamed. Your opportunities will come when your teammates make the opponent pay. Teamwork, man. Share the rock.

The Wolves were trying to pound the ball inside last night, but the Bulls clogged the lane and blocked more than a few shots. It would have been a great time to move the ball and hit some outside shots, but with our bench shooting 9-29, our shots weren't dropping.

Complaining aside, it's time to find out how we'll do this week, with 4 games on the docket. The collective wisdom on this board is never wrong.



Our West coast swing has 5 games this week, featuring a pair of back to backs, and concluding with a Monday night matinee in my town of Los Angeles against Blake Griffin and the lowly Los Angeles Clippers. This poll will not include the Monday game against the Clippers, since it's happening next week. Minnesotans will be up late watching a few times this week.

Tuesday@Golden State  9:30 pm

Wednesday@Phoenix 8:00 pm

Friday@Portland 9:00 pm

Saturday@Denver 8:00 pm

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