Oh, The Minnesota Timberwolves


So here I am, up late at night, tabbing between all my favorite sites, hoping for an update. Reading all the posts on Canis Hoopus, reading all the comments, even the ridiculous ones that I know will get me upset.


So what should I do? Perhaps I should make a rambling Canis Hoopus posts.

First things first, S-n-P, whomever, you should fix up the spell-check if possible. The blog's name isn't even in the system. I'm sure you know, but I thought it might be nice to start this post off topic. You know, set the mood a bit.


Next, I have watched every game this year. It does not make me an expert, but I does mean I really enjoy this team. What I enjoy, it is hard to say. I definitely don't like the losses. Know for sure I like the personalities. Don't like Kahn, but like his personnel moves. I like the Target Center; it's fun this year. Well, anyways, let's continue.


                                            Pretty Cool if you ask me


To me, it seems that this site is firmly divided into two groups. You have your optimists, and then you have you pessimists. You also have people straddling the line between the two, they are called realists. However, not many people do the whole 'realist' thing to well with regards to sports, and besides, I already said there were only two groups. So just optimists and pessimists.


I am an optimist. I also have a bad memory. That is to say, I don't really know if I was optimistic or not for some of the teams that McHale assembled. I do know I thought they would win more than 15 last year. I do know I thought that having the rare commodity that is a low post scorer (Al Jeff) was going to make us legit.


But of course, that was certainty wrong. However, spring has sprung again, and here we are, and I am optimistic about this team. With every slip and stumble I see a moment for growth. For every missed shot I see more hours in the gym, and a make next season. For every 15 Love rebounds and 20 Beasley points, I see 50 Love rebounds and at least 82 Beasley Points.


Who knows why I view this team from such a lens. Probably part of the reason is that it is not fun for me to watch a team that I don't have faith in. It is fair to assume I turned the TV off on the Wolves pretty quick last season (although I still followed them and frequented this site). Probably part of the reason is that I truly do see a lot of talent and the seeds for growth.




Whatever the reason, I am an optimist, I see this as OKC 2.0. Not necessarily better, but a team ready to grow together and win a lot of games in the future. But I do know not everyone shares my view. In-fact, I was thinking of making a poll. And in that poll it would not surprise me to find more pessimists than optimists. I feel confident in this because of all the comments I read.


Maybe it is the Vikings fan in everyone. The negativity, and at times, delight in the failure of our bad-luck ridden franchises. We have never had much to cheer about, and I can honestly see how it would make it hard to find light in another rebuilt team that will be in the lottery again.


The pessimists, and I will try to describe this group without judgment, see every loss, every misstep, and every mistake by our lowly Wolves as a broken record. We have seen this every season since KG left. Even then we couldn't come up with a capable team. The energy that it takes to put yourself into another losing, dismal effort by a sports team is simply no longer worth it. Heart and soul and energy will be reserved until results are shown.


There wasn't really a point to this post. I just though getting some rambling out, putting some thoughts into the blogesphere would be a good idea. Let me interject here with a few opinions.


Every time I see someone say that Flynn is no good, that Wes should be traded, that we need to bring in Iggy, that Beasley will never 'get-it,' it just drives me nuts. As you can tell from the earlier portion, I have a lot of faith in what we have. And if not that, then I believe we have so much youth and talent, it would be a waste to not let it develop together. My old go-to is to point a finger at the Thunder. Even with their players and core assembled, they still fought through a number of bad losing seasons.


But, that's when I need to take a step back. I really do feel strongly about the opinions I put forth, but there is no reason to think that I am absolutely right. I just wanted to put a few (or too many) rambling words out, get some ideas out off the brain, and do my best to try and enjoy the season. Even being an optimist can make watching the Wolves be un-enjoyable.


*Also, after this was all typed up, I decided that it was too long for it to not have any pictures, so I added some.

**Also, after I started adding pictures my internet froze up for a little bit. Now I am too tired to continue adding pictures, so there is only one picture.

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