Optimistic Perspective

Having watched every Wolves game this season, i've really opened up to the possibility that the Wolves have great potential to grow as a family within the coming years.  In my perspective, the two, three, four, and five positions are pretty solid.  But i do have some opinions about shuffling up the roster that i think many will agree on.

First of all, the point guard position is completely up for grabs, and a hindrance to the whole lineup.  I cringe every time i see Ridnour run around the court aimlessly, at full speed, yet to no avail.  I think his signing was necessary because of the veteran presence, but it was untimely.  Also, after watching Johnny Flynn last year, i really began to dislike him.  His shoot-first mentality is not what the team needs, and i don't think he'll mature as fast as Wesley Johnson will at his position.  So, i think he should serve as a trade chip for a worthy veteran backup like TJ Ford.  And having Rubio and Ford run the PG would be wonderful.

As for the SG position, i feel really good with what we have.  This is our most proven position with three perfect pieces.  Wesley is a great spot up shooter, and will grow into a decent defender.  Brewer is the energy guy off the bench; steals and intensity are his specialty.  But i really believe Webster has the potential to be a key starting SG for a playoff team.  The way he played in the preseason made me fall in love with his ability.  

Now, the Wolves dont have that Franchise guy yet, but i really think that Beasley will grow into a lesser version of Durant.  And a lesser version of Durant is still spectacular, especially once B-easy learns to play some D.  But we really do need someone to back him up as a defensive specialist  in order to become a playoff team: a Thabo Sefolosha type.  

Obviously the four has our strongest current player with Love and Tolliver so I'm very happy there.  And Milicic will be a stronghold once he blossoms a little bit more.  I see him averaging 9 and 7 with 2 blocks at his peak, which is good enough.  

Here's my complaint though.  Tolliver is a great ballhandler and shooter, but Pekovic and Koufos really frustrate me when they're on the floor.  Pekovic can't get off the floor when he jumps and they both lack athletic ability and pure skill.  I do think that they have to go, and maybe a Brendan Haywood type would be available.  Just look at the possibilities

PG- Rubio, TJ Ford

SG- Martell, Wes, Brewer

SF- Beasley, Tolliver, Brewer

PF- Love, Tolliver

C- Darko, Brendan Haywood

Kinda reminds me of the Thunder right now.  Rubio is a lesser version of Westbrook.  Beasley is a lesser version of Durant.  Love shits on Jeff Green.  And Martell is way more complete than James Harden and Brewer is like Sefolosha.  Darko is like Krstic, and once this team learns the triangle, they're on their way to the playoffs.  Go Kahn!

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