Makeshift Game Wrap

There wasn't one. And I've got a lot of studying to do. Hence, I shall waste my time making a quick game wrap of my thoughts.

Just some points that I noticed:

1) Luke Ridnour: Really bad tonight. 1 for 9 with 11 assists. At least he had some assists. But riddle me this: If Ridnour isn't making shots, he's not being the veteran leader (Read: Webster, Martell), and he's not playing good defense, then what does he offer us beyond what Bassy could have? And at $1.5M-ish more per year. Bassy at least plays some pestering defense and can create on offense just as well as Ridnour can. If Ridnour had played even an average game tonight, the outcome may have been different. And I'm not blaming Ridnour for the loss, I just think he was a significant culprit and had the ability to make us unloss.

2) Wes lost a lot of time tonight. And for good reason. If he's not going to take a shot or show any signs of upside, what's he going to bring to the table that we couldn't get out of a Dorell Wright-type replacement? What happens when Beasley doesn't foul out of the game? Is he really going to cede his minutes to Brewer this season? That'd be a disaster.

3) Darko played well. No blocks though and five fouls. If Darko doesn't have any blocks, he can't have 5 fouls. Not much else to say. The only worrisome part is it always looks like Darko is one missed shot or bad call at the beginning of the game away from a bad night.

4) It's amazing that we outrebounded the Warriors. We looked like we were giving up rebounds left and right. We must be really good at rebounding on the average night. Tonight was bad and we still outrebounded them by 4 (even on the defensive end). Moving forward, this is a HUGE advantage for any team to consistently outrebound the other team. And we're doing it almost across the board (by position). Rubio/Webster or Wes/Beasley/Love/Darko would be an incredibly good rebounding team.

5) Beasley was feeling it tonight. What happened?

6) Jonny's Ast/TO ratio was 4:1 for the night. Let's hope he keeps that up.

7) Best of luck to David Lee

8) Amundson seems like the prototypical Love-Killer. It just seems to happen that Love can outrebound the skill guys but the hustle guys just get to him. I don't know if it's because he gets frustrated with how they constantly get away with some ticky tack fouls or because they just outhustle him and make him work even harder, but somehow he seems to shut down against guys like this. And this is just going from memory (John Brockman seems to get the best of him as well), so I could be wrong. But it's just my observation. Anyone care to figure that out? Head-to-head will only work for the people we have in mind :(

9) Dorell Wright: Good across the board except for efficiency. He was too excited to have a repeat performance, methinks.

10) Need anything be said about the crappy defense from Ridnour? Two guys went off on us tonight. Only one of them should have. JPete pointed out the correlation we were all talking about.

11) A Peking order seems to have been established tonight (No Bassy, Lazar, or Wayne). Now it's just going to be about who earns/gets more time and who can break into the rotation and who gets kicked out.

12) This was a game we needed to win. We should have won. For all the complaints about bad reffing, they were very low on the list of concerns for this game. Couple bad calls, couple that all three of the blind mice were pissed about, and a whole bunch of the normal misses. But they went both ways, for the most part. I will say that we were disadvantaged by the refs tonight, but not by as much as it would have seemed reading the game thread.

13) I think that's all I've got. Just wanted to make an unlucky 13.

14) Crap... had to make another: I'm not sure if there will be a game wrap when I click 'publish' so deal with it if there is.


15) Just saw the boxscore of the Wizards game and had to pimp my pick: Seraphin had 9 rebounds in 15 minutes against the Lakers. I don't know how it happened (and 6 were offensive... so he coulda been playing volleyball in one possession), but it happened. That is all in this update's version.


Another random nongamewrapthought: I was watching the Bucks play the Mavs and I wondered how many people would trade Love for Bogut straight up (not considering teams, just players)? I think I would. I like Bogut and the defense he brings along with the legit size. I also decided that I would absolutely not trade Rubio for Jennings. And I am a documented 'hater' of Jennings, but I just did not see much outside of what Flynn brings to the table when I was watching. He did, however, benefit a lot from the system, in terms of assists. So while he's marginally better at passing, significantly better at defending (it's not hard), and significantly worse at shooting, I can say I wouldn't be thrilled about a Flynn for Jennings swap (and I dislike both of them).

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