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I went to my first T'wolves game today, at least the first in a couple years.  Obviously the game was in Phoenix.  I was star struck when I watched David Kahn chatting with who I believe is the Sun's owner and his son.  Then warm-ups were over and I was so intrigued watching Darko shooting 18 foot jumpers, that I lost track of Kahn.  The next thing I know, he is spilling his coffee on my white basketball shorts and getting comfy in the seat behind me.  

I couldn't believe it, a living legend, a genius, and he was that close to me.  With 2:43 in the game, I accidentally elbowed his right ankle bone as he always seems to sit in weird positions.  He had his legs crossed, Corey Brewer was just handed the ball from Jonny Flynn and threw down.  I was pumped, so much that I flailed my arms around and accidentally elbowed his ankle.  I know it must of hurt, but his adrenaline was going, so he didn't even feel it.

But now to the good stuff....

This may be illegal, but I eavesdropped on all of Kahn's conversations the whole game.  I'm not sure who he was sitting to, but he worked on the T'wolves broadcasting crew way back when.  He mustn't follow the T'wolves, as he asked some pretty obvious questions, but nevertheless, here's some of the more interesting conversations and quotes from tonight's game.

I will call the anonymous talker ANON 1.


ANON 1: You still have um....what's his name......Rubio right?

DK: Yes sir we do, he'll be here next season.

ANON 1: Seeing as we are watching Steve Nash, you think that's a fair comparison.

DK: No, I don't think he has an NBA comparison, he won't dominate the NBA, but he'll be a solid to great Point Guard next year and for years to come.


Corey Brewer shooting that Ugly laser "layup"

DK: "What the F&*$ are you doing?"


Corey Brewer three point shot, made

DK: "Don't shoot it, please don't shoot it, damn-it, oh yeah, nice shot Corey.


Corey Brewer mid range jump-shot, missed

DK: "Ugh, quit shooting"


These are some of his quotes, there were countless more.  



  • Kahn defended everything Darko did, he missed a shot, he blamed it on his quad, he rolled his ankle, Kahn almost died
  • Suns hit 5 threes in a row, "Wow, we have these 'defensive specialists' and we let that happen."
  • Kahn called Wes Johnson, "Crazy athletic, best shooter he's seen, potential through the roof."
  • Kahn loves Martell's leadership.
  • Kahn is a statistician, he was calculating PER's, and the other guy said "how do you do that?"  
  • Kahn told the other guy, "I'm not a great basketball GM, I love it, but my General Managing skills balance off of my economics.  I let my Assistant GM do all the scouting."
  • David was really ancy in the first half, arguing for calls, yelling at the players to use their foul to give, and bashing his players.  I didn't hear more than 4 words at a time in the second half, and most of them were "Ugh, Wow, Why, or Are you kidding me?"

All in all, I learned a lot about David Kahn.  I got a lot smarter, I learned how much that "mole" sticks off of David's face, and I located my seats at the start of the second half by recognizing Kahn's hair style.  Which is insane.
PS: I said one word to David all night, "sorry", as I was way to starstruck to ask about him possibly trading Telfair, Kosta, or releasing Sundiata.  Great Night!




At the start of the second half, Kahn’s partner was yet to return, so these “drunk” fans, two 25 year olds or so, asked him to move over, he stood up, they stepped in and sat right next to him. He told them, “Sorry fellows, these four seats are taken, please leave.” They responded, “Why what’s it matter? We’ll leave when they get back!” Kahn: “Come on guys, I’m not joking, those seats are taken, you want me to get an Usher?”

So basically, Kahn was getting picked on, but stood his ground. The kid’s finally left, but it was a nice little argument and it partially shows how Kahn negotiates.


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