Hooray...Johnny Flynn is back. Hooray for any team playing the Wolves.  He's back to playing no defense, just like last year.  During the 3rd quarter, there were at least four possessions IN A ROW where Johnny's lack of defensive intensity, knowledge, or even intent led to WIDE OPEN shots for the Suns.  I don't want to hear about how on fire the Suns were.  They were shooting absolutely wide open three pointers.  Most of us here would make 4 out of 10 were we that wide open.  Johnny wasn't the only one(see Luke Ridnour), but it started there.  

In a span of several minutes Johnny:

 1. Allowed Dragic to shoot a completely untested jumper, because he didn't even TRY to get over the screen.  

2. Allowed Dragic to easily get in the lane by going around a screen without even attempting to cut Dragic off, leading to an open three.

3. Johnny and another Wolf double-teaming the guy with the ball on a 2 on 2 fast break.  Guess what....they passed it to the open Sun for another uncontested three.  

4. The ball was on the floor about 8 inches from Johnny feet...but he has so little court awareness he didn't know (or doesn't want to do the dirty work). The Suns pick it up, fire it out for another open three.

Any time Dragic or Nash wanted, they could get to the lane, they didn't even have to try very hard.  When they did ...ALL 5 WOLVES WOULD COLLAPSE..... That's a coaching problem.

It's great to see Kevin Love, Beasley, Darko and others put up some pretty numbers, but until we have a PG who can somewhat contain the other teams PG, and a better overall defensive scheme, we will continue to lose 80% of our games in the 4th quarter.  If Rambis doesn't fix this soon, he's going to lose the fans again, his players(See him talking to Beasley after the game, and Beasley staring into the rafters, not wanting to listen?), and his job (See the fanpost  "I Was Educated Today" including overheard Kahn comments  "Wow, we have these 'defensive specialists' and we let that happen.".

On a side note, when you watch your next Wolves game, when the Wolves are "playing" defense in front of the Wolves bench, watch Rambis.  He's going out of his mind in his seat thinking "How can we be this clueless?" There were at least two times in the 2nd half last night when he was ready to call ANOTHER time out because of atrocious defense, but the Suns missed the wide open shots.

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