Tim's Game Wrap: Portland Trail Blazers


Jim Peterson's favorite player, Rudy Fernandez, celebrates after making a three-point shot in the 2nd quarter.

Minnesota Timberwolves 102 - Portland Trail Blazers 107

Tonight, the Minnesota Timberwolves were able to overcome the referees (the Wolves were called for 3 more fouls), the injuries to Darko and Pekovic and a solid performance from LaMarcus Aldridge (36 points, 10 rebounds) to get their 27th straight moral victory of the season. It was a hard fought win for the Wolves, who will look to continue their winning ways against the Denver Nuggets tomorrow night.

What were the keys to the moral victory tonight? Let's break things down below the fold:



It's a good thing we got rid of Al Jefferson and his terrible defense or Aldridge might have really gone off tonight.

Interior Defense

Michael Beasley and Kevin Love are two of the best defenders of their generation. So why don't they shut down every opponent they play? Why do they let guys like LaMarcus Aldridge drop 36 points on them?

For the same reason Michael Myers doesn't just go into a house and kill everybody at once, even though everyone knows he could. He likes to make a sport out of it. Instead of just walking up to Laurie Strode and killing her, he hides in closets and the back seats of cars for no reason. Likewise, instead of Love and Beasley just playing straight up defense and rotating properly, its more challenging to sag into the paint, give up post position and fail to close out on shooters.

Al Jefferson is like Halloween 3. No Michael Myers. Just some stupid mask that no one was afraid of. Now that he's gone to Utah, our interior defense problems are over. Job well done, Mr. Kahn.



Okay, seriously. What is wrong with this guy?

Perimeter Defense

Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot a three point shot, but are afraid that you don't have what it takes? At the Minnesota Timberwolves' basketball camp, we can teach you how to take and make three point shots on a regular basis. Our one-of-a-kind camp gives players the basics: plenty of wide open space to shoot. All the time in the world to line up a shot. The thrill of a just-too-late closeout that gives the impression of real defense, without any actual chance of the shot being blocked or even contested.

Like Gary Neal, Dorell Wright, Reggie Williams, Channing Frye, Rudy Fernandez and a host of others, you will be a three-point shooting champion in no time.

"Before I played the Timberwolves, I could never make threes," exclaims Fernandez. "Now, I think I'm better at threes than Reggie Miller. Thanks, Minnesota Timberwolves!"

Our camp is run by Kurt Rambis, who has designed a training program based upon allowing the best opportunities for three-point shots. Rambis started his program in California but has brought it here to Minnesota and is teaching players across the country.

If you would like to enroll in the Minnesota Timberwolves' Three Point Basketball Camp, call us today at 1-800-4-THREEE (484-7333).



Corey Brewer's pre-game ritual involves downing a 10-pack of 5 Hour Energy's and riding a merry go-round for 20 straight minutes. 

Corey Brewer

For fans who have never seen him play, it is impossible to understand the emotional experience of watching Corey Brewer. It is not strange to Brewer blow a wide open layup, throw the ball away, get a steal and throw a dunk down in the same 30 second span. If you claim that there is any rhyme or reason to his game, you're lying.

Tonight, Brewer went 3-of-7 from the floor for 8 points with 2 steals, 1 assists and 2 turnovers. But the stats really don't do Brewer's play justice. Brewer had plays where he gave the team momentum. And then he'd have plays where, about on the verge of a comeback, Brewer would take a bad shot/turn the ball over/trip over his own feet and snuff out our break.

Also, while Brewer has the reputation as a great defender, no one who watches him is actually sure how he got that reputation. He gave up the most important basket of the game (Mattews' running jump shot that clinched it for Portland) and could not hold Fernandez or Wesley Matthews in check all game.

As likable as Brewer is, I think Corey Brewer should retire from the Wolves and go after his true calling:


Tomorrow night, we'll have our hands full with Denver. 'Melo is still in the middle of packing for New York, but I think he'll probably stop long enough to play us. I'll see you guys then. Good game tonight, Wolves. 

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