The point guards are why the Wolves are losing close games (with poll!)

The Wolves woes can be traced to many obvious isolated factors (injuries to Darko/Pek/Tolliver/Webster, Sleepy Michael Beasely's "defense," unjust foul calls, Rambis's questionable tactics).

But I think the biggest continual problems come from a lack of contribution from the point guard position on either end of the floor, specifically Ridnour, and now Flynn. We already know they are defensive liabilities, but they can't seem to offer much help on offense, either.

Here are their combined basic numbers from last night:

48 minutes
4-13 FG
31% FG%
0-4 3ptFG
No free throws attempted
4 rebounds
3 steals
6 turnovers
8 points

I know Luke's getting acclimated, Flynn is coming back from injury, etc., but this simple tool at ESPN shouldn't be used on a full stomach if you're a Wolves fan. Especially assists-to-turnovers, opponent steals, turnovers,and turnover differential. The Wolves are either the worst or 2nd-worst team in every category. By the way, the Wolves currently give up an astounding 5.2 more assists per game than they earn. The next closest team is Cleveland, whose differential is 3.4 per game.

Now I know the team is still holding a place for the Spanish Savior, but it appears that despite drafting, trading, or signing eight point guards (!) in the last 18 months (plus picking Ty Lawson and Nick Calathes for other teams), the Wolves still don't have a player who is at least competent at one end of the floor, much less so on both offense and defense.

As obvious as the problem seems, the answer is not. Is there yet another point guard out there who the Wolves can use while waiting for Rubio? Should Flynn and Ridnour be given more time to improve themselves (and grow two or three inches taller)? Is Bassy a better alternative? Why does Sundiata Gaines HAVE to wear a suit, instead of suiting up? Does the team launderer complain every time Gaines starts putting on a jersey before the game? ("Awww, Cripes! Can't he just fold it back up and use it for the next game?").

Maybe they should just say "screw it" and have Webster bring the ball up, and go with a line-up of "2 3s, 2 4s, and a 5."

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