Inspired by PoorDick's latest post, I decided to look at another alternative to fill our PG positions. Not trading for veterans, but trading for any PG. What I'm looking for with this is a PG who fits what Rambis is trying to run, but also works as a temporary starter and future supersub for Mr. Rubio. I don't have a comprehensive list, by any means, but below is what I have so far. I'd like to hear any contributions or things we are looking for in a PG. For me, it's defense, first and foremost. We have offense out of Beasley and Love and it looks like we have a few other guys who prefer the offensive end over the defensive end. The thing is, we don't have enough defense to cover up for our offensive-oriented players. Defense. After that, I'd want shooting and the ability to run the break while having at least average passing.

The guy I am specifically thinking of? Avery Bradley.

He was drafted by Boston at 19 and has only seen 33 minutes of action so far. He's stuck behind Rondo and Robinson right now and doesn't look to be getting out of that any time soon. Before the draft, he was touted as the best defensive PG with a good shot and decent passing. That's exactly what I'm looking for. On top of that, he's got a 6'7.25'' wingspan and a 37.5'' vertical.

Some quotes from DX:

With 24% of his possessions coming in transition, the freshman shot 53.3% on the fast break, and scored on a below average 38.2% of his half court possessions.

considered one of the best defenders in this group, and his situational strengths characterize him as a potential high-level role-player.

Bradley was very solid in spot up situations. With a sizeable 30.5% of his touches coming from such opportunities, he shot a second ranked adjusted field goal percentage of 60.9%.

One of the top unguarded and guarded catch and shoot players in this group (1.347 PPP and 1.149 PPP), he proved capable from the perimeter during his time at Texas, but struggled at the rim.

For me, that sounds like exactly what we want in the triangle and as a Rubio backup. I'd have to believe Boston would be willing to trade him for some current production or even a future second (or protected first) rounder. For current production... I'd like to dump off a PG, but maybe we can get rid of one in a different deal as I doubt they'd want one in return. Maybe just for some cap relief? Or Ellington/Brewer? Somehow I think he'd be easily obtainable and fit in well here.


Some other guys (in no specific order):

  • Mo Williams (nothing special on D, but he fits the other needs and is probably open for the right price)
  • Jrue Holiday (A stretch, admittedly. But he was my pick for last year and I think he'd still be available in an Iggy/Brand deal if we're willing to take on some coin. I imagine they wouldn't be thrilled to send him away, but for the right price, it's possible. He may also prefer starters minutes when Rubio arrives. Like I said, a stretch)
  • Jarrett Jack (We'd have to send a PG in return. But Paul is friends with Jack so I don't know how likely this is)
  • Roddy Beaubois (Another stretch. Dallas has him pegged as Kidd's replacement. We'd be paying a king's ransom)
  • Chauncey Billups (I'd be happy trading Luke and/or Flynn to obtain Chauncey in a Melo deal. I doubt it happens if Melo isn't moving too, but he'd be an extremely interesting acquisition if Melo is on the move. Anyone care to trade machine that? This is my best shot at it (feel free to swap Luke and Jonny, as they might prefer Jonny))
  • Baron Davis (What kind of deal would we need to see to take on his contract? It'd be a steep price. I'm guessing the conversation starts on our side with Gordon)
  • OJ Mayo (Seems like he'd be an adequate Triangle PG. He's my first choice... possibly before Bradley depending on their respective asking prices. Maybe we take Thabeet off their hands at the same time? Send them Flynn, Pek, and their pick back?)
  • Antonio Daniels (Is his career worth playing for a non-contender? He didn't get picked up, IIRC. Maybe he's changed his tune?)

Anyways, there's obviously some other guys out there. I made a post a bit ago about bigs that we could acquire. Now who are some PGs we could go after? DLeague, trades, drafting, waiting for Rubio, etc. Who did you have in mind? What would you be willing to give up for any of these guys (or in Baron's case, what would you mandate in return for taking him... My reasoning there is that I would mention him as unlikely and see if we could get something worth our troubles and then use him as our PG for a year or two before his contract becomes tradable again).

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