Exploring the Telfair Suitors

So we've all probably heard the news about Telfair getting some interest from some other teams (Specifically Washington, Golden State, and New York). Well I'm going to throw out some guys who I'd want from the other teams and then some guys who I think would be more realistic.

I'll start with Washington as I've heard the most out of them lately:

Some [realistic] guys I'd want from Washington:

  • Kirk Hinrich. The veteran we thought Luke could be. He'd be expiring next year and fairly easy to get rid of to a contender short of a PG. He plays terrific defense at the 1 and 2 (and maybe even the 3?), he can shoot the ball, he is a decent creator. I'm surprised I didn't think of him in my "PGs" post. Maybe we could get rid of a couple PGs and then take a contract off of their hands for a protected pick or:
  • For many here, it goes without saying that I want Kevin Seraphin. I'm thinking we could take him back as a favor for taking the last year and a half of Hinrich or maybe for Blatche (who they are trying to move and has just gotten a one-game suspenstion).
  • JaVale McGee. I'm not too excited about him, but I'd take a year-long look at him. He'd be extremely frustrating, but Rubio might make him look good for 10-15 minutes per game.

Guys who are definitely on the table:

  • Andray Blatche: We need a backup big. Kahn wants athletic guys. Washington is trying to move him. It adds up except for the previously mentioned 'character' concerns.
  • Not sure if anyone else is clearly on the table (or being actively shopped) for them, but it seems as if that whole team should be except for John Wall.

Trades I'd like to see and/or think are somewhat realistic/likely:

  • Likely: Blatche, cash considerations, and a pick (second rounder or two or highly protected first that would change to a second eventually) for Telfair and Brewer.
  • I'd rather see: Ridnour, Pekovic, and Wayne or Brewer and maybe a protected second rounder (can we do that?) for Hinrich, Seraphin, and a less protected first that would not change to a second rounder. If this happens, I'd assume Telfair has been moved to GS or NY to make our PG lineup: Hinrich, Flynn, Gaines.



On to Golden State:

Guys I'd want:

  • Ekpe Udoh. Defensive big who doesn't demand big minutes and could be developed into something closer to the 12th pick he should have been.
  • Brandan Wright. Athletic backup big who could still have something left in the potential tank. Could fill our needs for a season, get a free look at him, could come cheap.
  • Dorell Wright. If Wes Johnson was playing like this guy, we'd all be pretty excited. I'd rather have this guy playing like this guy at this guy's price. Seems like a great role player for our athletic, fast break, Rubio-led Wolves.
  • I'd consider Biedrins in the right deal. But I'm going to leave him (and Monta and Curry out because I don't think they're worth creating a deal around as I don't think it's likely that we see them involved)

Guys on the table:

  • I'm guessing B.Wright is on the table.
  • They'll be trying to get rid of Gadzuric and Radmanovic's expirings (I'd think...).
  • Not really sure who else would be. I'm sure most of their guys are for the right price. But probably not for anything we have to offer.


  • Likely: Straight up Telfair for B.Wright. I can't imagine either team would give up too much more for these guys.
  • I'd want to see:  Udoh, Dorell Wright, and one of the expirings for Telfair, Brewer, Ellington, Koufos, and/or Pekovic poo poo platter. This would give us a rotation at the wing spots of Wright, Webster, Johnson, and Beasley (who would play 3/4 with Pek and/or Koufos seeing much less time in favor of Udoh until they figure some stuff out).



And finally, New York:

Guys I'd want:

  • Landry Fields. Unlikely.
  • Kelenna Azubuike. Is he even going to be healthy?
  • Danillo Gallinari. My interest in him has declined significantly. But I'd still pay a small fee to test him out.
  • Anthony Randolph. Discussed ad naseum on this website.
  • Ronny Turiaf. Defensive backup. Guy I hate to play against (Varejao type, seems like he's going to hurt someone), but who I would laugh at and ridicule if he was on my team.
  • I'd consider Toney Douglas and Roger Mason. But I'd think they'd ask more than I'd be willing to give up for Douglas and Mason I would only want as a throw in if we trade Brewer and Ellington (I like Mason, but don't think we could offer him too many minutes).

Guys on the table:

  • Pretty much whoever it takes to get Melo, within reason.
  • Randolph is for sure (offered for a first rounder from Houston, IIRC)
  • Bill Walker is for sure (offered for a backup PG, specifically. Don't want for our team).


Some trades:

  • Likely: Telfair and a protected pick for Randolph OR Telfair for Bill Walker (I doubt it, but it's what they offered so I figured I better put it).
  • One I'd want to see: Randolph and Buike for aforementioned poo poo platter of bigs and/or SGs and maybe a pick of some sort thrown in.

So what do you guys think? Any other teams viable options? Want to create your own blockbuster deal? Keep Telfair and watch him flourish into an allstar? Any other guys worth going after?

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