It has been discussed on here about the interest in Telfair.

I think the Wolves should trade Bassy for Brandon Wright of the Warriors.  Both players are not getting any time on the court with Flynn being healthy and Wright is the odd man out.  This trade would leave the depth chart looking like this

PG Luke, Flynn, Sundiata

Post Players a rotation of Love, Darko, Beasley, Tolliver, Pek, and Wright assuming Kofous is dumped in that trade or to Orlando for a 2nd rd pick as I see no use of any players on there roster theyd be willing to dump for him.

Or Kofous heads to the reserves for the rest of the year unless injury.

Then i want to gauge the interest of Wolves Nation here about Jonny Flynn being traded before the deadline this season.

I was excited to see if Flynn had improved and to see the Wolves with him in the lineup.  But I was let down and I dont see any major differences between him or Telfair and how they both impact the Wolves off the bench.

Now if we trade Bassy and Flynn that would leave us with just Luke and Sundiata which I think Sundiata could prove some doubters wrong about his skills but the Wolves could bring a PG back in a Flynn trade to be safe.

Im not sure who would want Flynn or what his market value is and who the PG we could get in return to finish the year out until Rubio comes.

Just a thought but what about a trade with the Mavs and Wolves..

Jason Kidd isnt getting any younger and I believe Roddy Beabouis is hurt.

The Mavs have JJ Barea who is a player I really would like to see get more of a chance.  He is being paid 1.8 mill on the last year of his deal and would fit in nicely if we were to trade Flynn.

Im thinking..

Flynn 3.1 mill for  JJ Barea 1.8 mill and to make salary work Alexis Ajinca 1.4 mill expiring

Im sure the Wolves would also get draft pick(s) depending on what round.

This would give the Wolves 16 players unless like I said above Kofous is shipped to the Magic.

So after all those trades the new roster would look like

Wolves gaining Barea backup PG, Brandon Wright utility post player, Alexis Ajinca 1.4 expiring contract, and draft pick(s) from the Mavs and also 2nd rd from Magic.

Wolves would be losing Flynn, Bassy, Kofous.


Thoughts on Bassy for Wright?

Kofous for 2nd rd pick?

Flynn for Barea, expiring, and picks?

And what is Flynn really worth and will he be worth more at the deadline or this summer?

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