DMC and the Dark One

Just thought I'd post this after the Kings loss to the Lakers. In two games versus the Lakers (numbers are two game combined total):

DMC - 47 minutes, 20 points (.426 ppm), 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block, 3 TOs, 10 fouls

Darko - 75 minutes, 33 points (.440 ppm), 23 rebounds, 7 assists, 8 blocks, 5 TOs, 6 fouls


For the season:

DMC - 23.5 mpg, 10.8 ppg, 6.7 rebs, 1.1 asts, .5 blks, 2.4 TOs, 4.3 PFs, .001 WS/48

Darko - 27.4 mpg, 8.9 ppg, 6.3 rebs, 2.3 asts, 2.8 blks, 2.3 TOs, 3.5 PFs, -.011 WS/48


So, well, ya. I didn't really have more intent behind this other than to simply check in on how these guys compare. A big choice for the Wolves going forward was, IMO, essentially choosing Darko as a prospect over DMC, and thus far I think these guys are (to quote Denny Green) proving to be exactly who we thought they'd be. DMC is a stone cold scorer who can get to the line (2.3 more FTAs a game in less time than Darko). However the dude's also a fouling machine. He's a better rebounder, but a significantly worse passer (7.8 AST% to Darko's 13.2 AST%). Both players actually turn the ball over at close to the same rate (only 1.2 points apart).

Essentially the choice the TWolves made was philosophical (or a basketball values one), in that they chose a passing, defensive big man with offensive potential over an already good (and potentially great) offensive big man with solid rebounding potential but with average peripheral potential (not that he couldn't be a great passer or defender, but the limitation doesn't come from DMC's skillset but rather his mindset. So far it doesn't appear he's aspiring to become the next Alonzo Mourning. He's looking more like the next Z-Bo, who it should be noted, has been a really good/great player in the league). While Darko's current 18.1 block% seems really high (unsustainably?), it's actually not that far off from his career block% of 15.5. DMC is currently sitting at a 1.7 block%. Combined with the AST% differences, and I think the basketball values choice is pretty self evident.

On the one hand you have a player who may never average double digits in scoring and rebounding, but can give you some solid to great interior defense, 2-3 blocked shots a game, and 2-3 assists and other solid ball movement from the center position. On the other hand you have a player who can put up a solid 20-10 every night while commanding a large percentage of touches (and as a solid mismatch against the other team every night), but with less defense (at least in terms of blocks) and less passing. It's kind of like Bogut-lite and Super Al Jefferson. So far the impact of either player seems about the same - very similar WS/48 numbers (with Darko's really improving a lot after his horrendous start) and similar PERs (11.9 for DMC to Darko's 11.6).

In all honesty, I'm kind of underwhelmed by this comparison. I really thought both players would have impacted their team more (because, well, DMC is DMC, right? He's yeast to the bread baking NBA to Darko's manna. Speaking of Darko, after his great play of late, where's the proof in the pudding? Dude's still not really impacting games as much as I thought). Both of these guys are simply a piece of the puzzle for their teams and not THE piece, and given that I'm OK with not spending a number 4 pick on DMC.

Lastly, we already have a pretty comparable player (at least production-wise, small sample size noted) to DMC already on the roster. Per36:

DMC (400 minutes) - 16.5 pts (6.8 FTA), 10.3 rebs (3.9 off), 1.6 asts, .8 blks, 3.6 TOs, 6.6 PFs, .001 WS/48, 11.9 PER

Pek (134 minutes) - 14.8 pts (4.6 FTA), 8.9 rebs (4.8 off), .8 asts, .5 blks, 3.5 TOs, 8.3 PFs, .003 WS/48, 9.1 PER

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