Iggy market

Thought this was interesting. Essentially the rumors that Iggy is being shopped are starting up in Philly. This one points to Cleveland, with picks being sent back in return. Sounds like Philly potentially would be happy to accept cap relief as part of the 'return' for Iggy. One of the concerns that the poster makes is that there isn't much of a market for Iggy, and no logical fits for him.

To which I say - uncle! Say what you will about Martell, about Wes, or even Beasley and Love, you can never have too much talent and we would be seriously, seriously remiss if we passed on a chance of getting Iggy at such a low price.

At it's simplest, consider this basic trade (courtesy of Al Jefferson):

Wayne Ellington (Pennsylvania native) for Iggy. It works salary wise, and gives Philly a nice role player at the guard spot who can drain threes. (If necessary you could also add Brewer into the mix, but the point is that we can accept Iggy's salary straight up, just like Cleveland can). Adding to the deal would be some of the draft picks we have owed to us (including, potentially, our own future first in 3-4 years, whenever enough time has passed after the Clippers pick...OR our own first as soon as next year or the year after assuming we know we have one of the other first coming in.) Point is, we have a ton of future first coming up, can offer some decent players in return for Iggy (Wayne is useful and cheap, and Corey, if they're interested, is really only a one year rental at worst). IF this is the relative going rate for a guy like Iggy, then we need to be in the conversation.

So, the big question is whether or not Iggy is worth it. When teams like OKC are using their cap space to lock up Collison and Washington is using theirs to lock up McGee and Blatche, it kind of suggests that there's not much out there this year (aka SnP's worst fears about this trading season coming true). Honestly, I think Iggy might represent the cream of the trading crop this winter. Maybe Houston blows things up, I don't know, just doesn't seem like there's going to be much out there to trade for.

Does Iggy fit? Yes and no. Defensively I think is where his biggest value comes from. You take him and immediately pencil him in as the starting SG. He can handle the ball some, play outstanding defense, and create his own shot if necessary. He's not perfect for us, but at this point (and at this price - this is very important to trading for Iggy - which I'm saying is a player like Wayne, cap relief, and either our pick - a high one - or two low future firsts) I think we need to get upper echelon talent anyway possible. Key to this working would be getting Iggy to buy into Beasley and Love as the keys to the future here (or, put differently, to get Iggy to buy into the idea that he doesn't have to do it all, just play stellar defense and provide enough offense and ball handling to keep things open for Beasley and Love). Obviously this would move Wes and Martell to the bench, but is that so bad?

Staring lineup:

Jonny/Ricky, Iggy, Beasley, Love, Darko


Jonny/Luke, Martell, Wes, Tolliver, Pek

Put together for a few years and watch the W's roll in!

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